Armenian (classical: հայերէն; reformed: հայերեն [hɑjɛˈɾɛn] hayeren) is an Indo-European language that is the only language in the Armenian branch. It is the official language of Armenia as well as the de facto Republic of Artsakh. Historically being spoken throughout the Armenian Highlands, today, Armenian is widely spoken throughout the Armenian diaspora. Armenian is written in its own writing system, the Armenian alphabet, introduced in 405 AD by the priest Mesrop Mashtots.


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  1. ^ Armenian has no legal status in Samtske-Javakheti, but it is widely spoken by its Armenian population, which is concentrated in Ninotsminda and Akhalkalaki districts (over 90% of the total population in these two districts).[11] There were 144 state-funded schools in the region as of 2010 where Armenian is the main language of instruction.[12][13]
  2. ^ The Lebanese government recognizes Armenian as a minority language,[14] particularly for educational purposes.[15][16]
  3. ^ In education, according to the Treaty of Lausanne[17][18]
  4. ^ Various state government agencies in California provide Armenian translations of their documents, namely the California Department of Social Services,[19] California Department of Motor Vehicles,[20] California superior courts.[21] In the city of Glendale, there are street signs in Armenian.[22][23]