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Aris Thessaloniki
Ice Hockey Club is an ice hockey team in Thessaloniki, Greece. They play in the Greek Ice Hockey Championship. They were founded in 1985 and initially known as Thessaloniki Penguins.


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History[edit] The team was founded in 1985 as Thessaloniki
Penguins. In 1989, they joined the Aris Thessaloniki
sports club and being known as the Aris Thessaloniki
Penguins, they managed to win the first 3 Greek Ice Hockey Championships held, the inaugural Greek championship in 1989, and continued their dominance, winning the 1990 and 1991 Greek championships. They also participated in the 1991 IIHF European Cup. They finished in last place in Group A, losing 26-1 to Levski-Spartak Sofia, and 30-0 to HC Steaua Bucuresti. After a last-place finish in 1993, the club folded, likewise to most other ice hockey clubs, due to financial difficulties, and the championship was cancelled until 2000. In 1997, the club was reformed as Thessaloniki
Titans and in 2003 joined again Aris as the Aris Thessaloniki
Ice Hockey Club. Since then, they participated in 2010, finishing 2nd and in 2011 winning again the tournament.[1] Season-by-season record[edit] Ice Hockey[edit]

Year Position Notes

1989 1st

1990 1st

1991 1st

1992 did not participate [A]

1993 4th

1994-1999 not held [B]

2000 did not participate [C]

2001-2007 not held [D]

2008 did not participate [E]

2009 did not participate [F]

2010 2nd

2011 1st

Notes: A. ^ In 1991-92, Aris and most other teams did not participate in a championship tournament and Iptamenoi Pagodromoi Athinai
Iptamenoi Pagodromoi Athinai
claimed the title, being the sole club to declare participation. B. ^ Most teams folded due to financial reasons and no championships were held between 1994 and 1999. C. ^ Only two Athenian
teams participated. D. ^ The championship was not held between 2001 and 2007, due to lack of an ice rink and an adequate number of ice hockey teams. E. ^ Aris was not invited/allowed to participate F. ^ Aris was not allowed to participate Balkan League (ice hockey): 2009 - 4th place Inline hockey[edit] Balkan Inline Roller Hockey League (B.I.R.H.L.): 2009 - Champions CERH European League: 2004 – 7th place 2005 – Qualification Round 2006 – Qualification Round 2007 – Qualification Round Greek Inline Roller Hockey Championship (G.I.R.H.L.): 2008 – 2nd place 2009 – 1st place – Champions 2010 - not held 2011 - not finished Greek Inline Hockey Cup: 2007 – Cup Winner 2008 – Cup Winner 2009 – Cup Winner 2010 - not held 2011 - not held Ball hockey[edit] Greek Ball Hockey League: 2009 – 1st place - Champions 2010 - not held 2011 - not finished References[edit]

^ Aris Thessaloniki
website: "Άξιοι πρωταθλητές"

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Official site Team's profile on eurohockey.net

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