archive.today (formerly archive.is) is an archive site which stores snapshots of web pages.[2] It retrieves one page at a time similar to WebCite, smaller than 50MB each, but with support for modern ("Web 2.0") sites such as Google Maps and Twitter.

Archive.is uses headless browsing to record what embedded resources need to be captured to provide a high-quality memento, and creates a PNG image to provide a static and non-interactive visualization of the representation.[3]

Archive.today can capture individual pages in response to explicit user requests.[4][5][6]

Since July 2013, archive.is supports the Memento Project application programming interface (API).[7][8]


Archive.today was founded in 2012. The site originally branded itself as archive.today, but in May 2015 changed the primary mirror to archive.is.[9] In January 2019, it began to deprecate the archive.is domain in favor of the archive.today mirror.[10]

Worldwide availability


In March 2019 the site was blocked by several Australian internet providers in the aftermath of the Christchurch mosque shootings in an attempt to limit distribution of the footage of the attack.[11][12][13]


According to GreatFire.org, archive.is has been blocked in China since March 2016,[14] archive.li since September 2017,[15] and archive.fo since July 2018.[16]


On July 21, 2015, the operators blocked access to the service from all Finnish IP addresses, stating on Twitter that they did this in order to avoid escalating a dispute they allegedly had with the Finnish government.[17]


In Russia, only HTTP access is possible; HTTPS connections are blocked.[18][19]


CloudFlare's does not resolve archive.is domains.[20][21]


Archive.is records only text and images, excluding video, xml, rtf,[spreadshett] (xls or ods) and other non-static content. It keeps track of the history of snapshots saved, returning to the user a request for confirmation before adding a new snapshot of an already saved Internet address.[22]

The research toolbar enables advanced keywords operators, using * as the wildcard character. A couple of quotation marks address the search to an exact sequence of keywords present in the title or in the body of the webpage, whereas the insite operator restricts it to a specific Internet domain.[23]

Once a web page is archived, it cannot be deleted directly by any Internet user[24]. Nevertherless, archive.is regularly controls or deletes web pages saved some days before, without any policy or right of discussion and appeal.

While saving a dynamic list, archive.is searchbox shows only a result that links the previous and the following section of the list (e.g. 20 links for page).[25] The other web pages saved are filtered, and sometimes may be found by one of their occurrences.

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