archive.is (formerly archive.today) is an archive site which stores snapshots of web pages.[2] It retrieves one page at a time similar to WebCite, smaller than 50 MB each, but with Web 2.0 sites (such as Google Maps and Twitter) included.

Archive.is uses headless browsing to record what embedded resources need to be captured to provide a high-quality memento, and creates a PNG image to provide a static and non-interactive visualization of the representation.[3]

Unlike crawlers such as Wayback Machine, archive.is only captures individual pages in response to explicit user requests, and so does not obey the robots exclusion standard.[4] Because of this, website owners cannot unilaterally remove snapshots at will, making it a "permanent" archive.[5][not in citation given]

Since July 2013, archive.is supports the Memento Project application programming interface (API).[6][7]

Worldwide availability


Archive.is has been blocked in China since December 2013,[8] although its other domains remain unblocked.[9]https://en.greatfire.org/https/archive.fo


On July 21, 2015, the operators blocked access to the service from all Finnish IP addresses, stating on Twitter that they did this in order to avoid escalating a dispute they allegedly had with the Finnish government.[10]


In Russia, only HTTP access is possible; HTTPS connections are blocked.[11][12]


Russian Hostkey is the primary host, distributed by Cloudflare.[13][14]

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