The Info List - Apollodorus Of Athens

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APOLLODORUS OF ATHENS (Greek : Ἀπολλόδωρος ὁ Ἀθηναῖος Apollodōros ho Athēnaios; c. 180 BC – after 120 BC) son of Asclepiades , was a Greek scholar, historian and grammarian. He was a pupil of Diogenes of Babylon
Diogenes of Babylon
, Panaetius
the Stoic , and the grammarian Aristarchus of Samothrace . He left (perhaps fled) Alexandria
around 146 BC, most likely for Pergamon
, and eventually settled in Athens


* Chronicle (Χρονικά), a Greek history in verse from the fall of Troy
in the 12th century BC to roughly 143 BC (although later it was extended as far as 109 BC), and based on previous works by Eratosthenes
of Cyrene . Its dates are reckoned by its references to the archons of Athens
. As most archons only held office for one year, scholars have been able to pin down the years to which Apollodorus was referring. The poem is written in comic trimeters and is dedicated to the second century BC king of Pergamon, Attalus II Philadelphus
Attalus II Philadelphus
. * On the Gods (Περὶ θεῶν, Peri theon, prose, in 24 books), lost but known through quotes to have included etymologies of the names and epithets of the gods, rifled and quoted by the Roman Epicurean Philodemus ; further fragments appear in Oxyrhynchus papyri . * A twelve-book essay about Homer's Catalogue of Ships
Catalogue of Ships
, also based on Eratosthenes
of Cyr