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APHODIINAE is a subfamily of the scarab beetle family, Scarabaeidae
. Members of this subfamily are known commonly as the SMALL DUNG BEETLES and many, but not all, are dung beetles . These beetles are found worldwide.

These beetles are small scarab beetles, most less than 8 millimeters long. Many have small mandibles that are covered by a widened clypeus , the exoskeleton plate above the mouth. The feet are clawed.

This is a diverse subfamily with varied life strategies and habitat types. Many species are dung beetles, which collect and feed on animal dung . Other species are detritivores or saprophages , which feed on dead matter, and some are predatory. Some are known as inquilines , living in ant or termite nests, and some are sand-dwelling beetles. A survey of South American aphodiines found them in diverse habitat types including temperate rainforests , high-elevation Andean grassland, Patagonian steppe , coastal sand dunes , and subantarctic beech forest.

There is not full agreement on the taxonomy of the subfamily, but some classification schemes divide it into 11 tribes with about 280 genera and a total of about 3200 species worldwide.


* Aphodiini * Corythoderini * Didactyliini * Eupariini * Odochilini * Odontolochini * Proctophanini * Psammodiini * Rhyparini * Stereomerini * Termitoderini



Aphodius omissus *

Ataenius spretulus *

Dialytes monstrosus *

Volinus sticticus


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(Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) of southern South America. Zootaxa 1458.

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