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Trioxycanus Dumbleton, 1966

Aoraia is a genus of moths of the family Hepialidae. There are 13 described species, all endemic to New Zealand. The type species of this genus is Porina dinodes Meyrick, 1890.[1][2] This genus contains some large species with a wingspan of up to 150 mm.


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Aoraia aspina Aoraia aurimaculata Aoraia dinodes Aoraia ensyii Aoraia flavida Aoraia hespera Aoraia insularis - confined to Stewart Island/Rakiura & the small islands off Stewart Island/Rakiura. Aoraia lenis Aoraia macropis Aoraia oreobolae Aoraia orientalis Aoraia rufivena Aoraia senex

Buller's moth[edit] Buller's moth (Aoraia mairi) is possibly extinct[3] and the description of this moth remains in doubt as the only recorded specimen, taken in 1867, has been lost.[4] References[edit]

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Wd: Q4778715 ButMoth: 2078.0 EoL: 96142 GBIF: 1828337 LepIndex: 136748.0 NCBI: 106989

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