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Antonio is a masculine given name of Etruscan language, Etruscan origin deriving from the root name Antonius. It is common name among Romance language-speaking populations as well as several Slavic countries in the Balkans, Lusophone Africa and South Africa. In the English language it is translated as Anthony (given name), Anthony, and has some female derivatives: Antonia, Antónia, Antonieta, Antonietta, and Antonella'. It also has some male derivatives, such as Anthonio, Antón, Antò, Antonis, Antoñito (name), Antoñito, Antonino (name), Antonino, Antonello (name), Antonello, Tonio (name), Tonio, Tono (disambiguation), Tono, Toño, Toñín, Tonino (disambiguation), Tonino, Nantonio, Ninni, Toto (disambiguation), Totò, Tó, Tonini, Tony, Toni, Toninho, Toñito (name), Toñito, and Tõnis. The Portuguese equivalent is António (Portuguese orthography) or Antônio (Brazilian Portuguese). In old Portuguese the form Antão was also used, not just to differentiate between older and younger but also between more and less important, In Galician language , Galician the form is Antón, in Catalan language, Catalan Antò, and in Basque language, Basque Antxon. The Greek versions of the name are Antonios (Αντώνιος) and Antonis (Αντώνης). The name derives from Antonius, a well-known Latin family name, probably of Etruscan origin. The Roman general Marcus Antonius held that the origin of the name was Anthon (given name), Anthon (Ανθών), son of Hercules. This myth, recorded by Plutarch, was probably created by Marcus Antonius himself, in order to claim divine parentage. The name was in use throughout the Roman world which, at its height, comprised the whole of the Mediterranean and much of Europe as well as the Middle East. When the Roman Empire became Christian, the name continued in popularity because of the many great saints who bore the name. Later, the name was spread all around the world as Christianity was introduced to other locations (e.g. the Far East, the Americas, Australia, and Sub-Saharan Africa).

Famous male bearers


*Antonio Abetti, Italian astronomer *Antonio Abondio, Italian sculptor *Antonio Aguilar, Mexican singer *Antonio Bamboccio, Italian painter and sculptor *Antonio Banderas, Spanish actor *Antonio Rafael Barceló, Puerto Rican politician *Antonio Bassolino, Italian politician *Antonio Barolini, Italian writer *Kuruvita Rala, Antonio Barreto, Sri Lankan Sinhala Karava soldier who gained the title "Prince of Uva" under the name ''Kuruvita Rala'' in the Kingdom of Kandy *Antonio Bazzini, Italian violinist and composer *Antonio di Benedetto, Argentine writer *Antonio Beretta, first mayor of Milan under the Kingdom of Italy from 1860 to 1867 *Antonio Bonazza, Italian sculptor *Antonio Bosio, Italian scholar *Antonio Broccoli Porto, Puerto Rican artist *Antonio Brown, American football player *Antonio Bartolomeo Bruni, Italian violist, composer and conductor *Antonio Cabán Vale, Puerto Rican singer *Antonio Caldara, Italian composer *Antonio Callaway, American football player *Antonio Canaletto, Italian painter *Antonio Candreva, Italian footballer *Antonio Canova, Italian sculptor *Antonio Benedetto Carpano, Italian distiller, famous for having invented the Vermouth and consequently the apéritif *Antonio Marziale Carracci, Italian painter *Antonio Cassano, Italian footballer *Antonio Cavallucci, Italian painter *Antonio Cermeño, Venezuelan boxer *Antonio Cervantes, Colombian boxer *Antonio Citterio, Italian furniture designer *Antonio Conte, Italian former footballer *Antonio Corradini, Italian sculptor *Antonio Correa Cotto, Puerto Rican criminal *Antonio da Correggio, Italian painter *Antonio Corti, Argentine boxer *António Costa, Portuguese Prime Minister. *Antonio Davis, US Basketball player *Antonio Di Natale, Italian footballer *Antonio Dixon, American football player *Antonio Donnarumma, Italian footballer *Antonio de La Gándara, painter *Antonio de la Rúa, former first son of Argentina *Antonio de Nigris (1978–2009), Mexican footballer *Antonio Escobar (disambiguation) *Antonio Esparragoza, Venezuelan boxer *Antonio Falzon, Maltese military engineer *Antonio Ferreira de Oliveira Junior, Brazilian soccer player *Antonio Floro Flores, Italian footballer *Antonio Fogazzaro, Italian novelist *Antonio Gamoneda, Spanish poet *Antonio Gandy-Golden (born 1998), American football player *Antonio Garay (born 1979), American NFL football player *Antonio Garcia (American football), American football player *Antonio Gibson (born 1998), American football running back *Antonio Gibson (safety) (born 1962), American football safety *Antonio Giovinazzi, Italian Formula 1 racing driver *Antonio González (martyr), Spanish Roman Catholic martyr and saint *Antonio Gates, American player of American football *Antonio Gherardi, Italian painter, architect, and sculptor *Antonio Ghislieri, better known as Pope Pius V *Antonio Gramsci, Italian writer, politician and political theorist *Antonio Guzmán Blanco, former Venezuelan president *Antonio Hernández, Spanish film director and screenwriter *Antonio Indjai, Guinea-Bissau's army chief of staff and one of the leaders who orchestrated a coup in the country on 1 April 2010 *Antonio Inoki, Japanese wrestler *Antonio Janigro, Italian cellist and conductor *Antônio Carlos Jobim, Brazilian creator of the bossa nova *Antonio Langella, Italian footballer *Antonio Latimer, Puerto Rican basketball player *Antonino Lo Surdo (1880–1949), Italian physicist and co-discoverer of the Stark effect *Antonio Lombardo (sculptor), Antonio Lombardo, Italian sculptor *Antonio Lopez (illustrator), Antonio Lopez, United States illustrator who signed his work "Antonio." *Antonio Lotti, Italian composer *Antonio Luna, Filipino Revolutionary Army and General of The Philippine Revolutionary in The First Philippine Republic *Antonio Maccanico, Italian politician *Antonio Maceo Grajales, Cuban general *Antonio Machado, Spanish poet *Antonio Mancini, Italian painter *Antonio Manetti, Italian mathematician and architect *Antonio Margarito, American boxer *Antonio Martini, Italian Biblical scholar and Archbishop of Florence *Antonio Martino, Italian politician *Antonio Marzano, Italian politician *Antonio McDyess, United States basketball player *Antonio Tobias Mendez, American sculptor *Antônio Meneses, Brazilian cellist *Antonio Meucci, Italian-American inventor *Antonio Monda, Italian film director *António Mota, Portuguese trader and explorer *Antonio Narcisse, American football player *Antonio Nariño, Colombian ideologist and politician *Antonio Negri, Italian philosopher *Antonio Nocerino, Italian footballer *Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira and his brother Antônio Rogério Nogueira, both Brazilian mixed martial artists *Antonio Pantojas, Puerto Rican actor *Antonio Paoli, Puerto Rican opera singer *Antonio Pappano, British conductor *Antonio S. Pedreira, Puerto Rican poet *Antonio Pigafetta, Italian explorer *Antonio Pignatelli, better known as Pope Innocent XII *Antonio del Pollaiolo, Italian painter *Antonio Prieto (athlete), Antonio Prieto, Spanish long-distance runner *Antonio Puerta, Spanish international footballer *Antonio de los Reyes Correa, Puerto Rican military hero *Antonio Rivera, Puerto Rican boxer *Antonio Rodríguez Balinas, Puerto Rican US Army General *Antonio Rosmini-Serbati, Italian philosopher *Antonio Rossi, Italian canoer *Antonio Roybal, Spanish American painter *Antonio Ruiz Soler, Flamenco dancer (known as "Antonio") *Antonio Rukavina, Serbian footballer *Antonio Sabàto, Jr., Italian-American model and actor *Antonio Sacchini, Italian composer *António de Oliveira Salazar, 20th Century Portuguese Dictator *Antonio Salieri, Austrian Court Composer, famous "mediocre" rival of Mozart *António Salvador (athlete), António Salvador, Portuguese long-distance runner *Antonio Sánchez (drummer), Antonio Sánchez, Mexican musician *Antonio Sánchez (Puerto Rican host), Antonio Sánchez, Puerto Rican show host *Antonio Sciortino, Maltese sculptor *Antonio Segni, Italian politician *Antonio Semini, Italian painter *Antonio Silio, Argentine long-distance runner *Antonio Starabba, Marchese di Rudinì, Prime Minister of Italy between 1891 and 1892 and from 1896 until 1898 *Antonio Stradivari, Italian luthier *Antonio Tabucchi, Italian writer *Antonio Taguba, a Filipino-American retired major general of the US army *Antonio Tarver, United States boxer *Antonio Travi, Italian painter *Antonio Valero de Bernabé, Puerto Rican, helped Simón Bolívar liberate South America *Antonio Maria Maraggiano, Italian sculptor *Antonio Maria Vassallo, Italian painter *Antonio Valencia, Ecuadorian footballer *Antonio Vivaldi, Italian composer *Antonio Zarro, Academy Award-winning Italian screenwriter *Anthonio Makau, Kenyan Jigsaw Puzzle Company entrepreneur Antonio may also refer to: *The Great Antonio, Canadian strongman, professional wrestler, and actor *Antonio (singer), Jamaican reggae singer born Maurice Silvera

Antonio as middle name

*Carlo Antonio Buffagnotti, Italian painter *Carlo Antonio Tavella, Italian painter *Eugene Antonio Marino, first African American archbishop in the United States *Francesco Antonio Franzoni, Italian sculptor *Giacomo Antonio Arland, Italian painter *Gioachino Antonio Rossini, Italian composer *Giovanni Antonio Amadeo, Italian sculptor *Giovanni Antonio Dosio, Italian architect and sculptor *Giovanni Antonio Facchinetti, better known as Pope Innocent IX *Giovanni Antonio Pellegrini, Italian painter *Giovanni Antonio Scopoli, Italian-Austrian physician and naturalist *José Antonio Bowen, American jazz musician and president of Goucher College *José Antonio de la Garza, Mexican-American politician *Juan Marichal, Juan Antonio Marichal, Dominican baseball player *Luis Antonio Tagle, Filipino cardinal and current prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples *Antonio Valencia, Ecuadorian footballer *Marco Antonio Barrera, Mexican boxer *Marco Etcheverry, Marco Antonio Etcheverry, Bolivian soccer player *Marco Antonio Muñiz, Mexican singer *Marc Anthony, Marco Antonio Muñiz, Puerto Rican singer, better known as Mark Anthony, named after the Mexican singer *Marco Antonio Regil, Mexican show host *Marco Antonio Solís, Mexican singer *Niccolò Antonio Zingarelli, Italian composer *Tomaso Antonio Vitali, Italian composer

Known as Tony

*El Potro Álvarez, Tony Álvarez, Major League Baseball center fielder *Tony Álvarez (Cuban singer), Tony Alvarez (singer), Cuban singer *Tony Alvarez (actor), Spanish-Australian actor *Tony Ayala, Jr., Mexican-American boxer *Tony Baltazar, Mexican-American boxer *Tony Campos, Mexican-American musician *Tony Danza, Italian-American boxer and actor *Tony Fratto, Deputy Press Secretary *Tony Parker, French basketball player *Tony Plana, Cuban actor *Tony Romo, American football quarterback *Antonio Sanchez (disambiguation), Tony Sanchez (disambiguation), multiple people *Tony Vega, Puerto Rican singer *Tony Peña, retired Major League Baseball player *Tony Pérez, Hall of Fame Major League Baseball player

Fictional characters

Antonio may refer to the fictional characters: *, the given human name for the personification of Spain from the popular anime series "Hetalia: Axis Powers" *List of Power Rangers Samurai characters#Antonio Garcia, Antonio Garcia, a character in the television show ''Power Rangers: Samurai'' *Antonio (The Merchant of Venice), the title character in Shakespeare's ''The Merchant of Venice'' *Antonio, a character in Shakespeare's ''Much Ado About Nothing'' *Antonio, a character in Shakespeare's ''The Tempest'' *Antonio, a character in Shakespeare's ''Twelfth Night'' *Antonio Bologna, a character in Webster's ''The Duchess of Malfi'' *Antonio, a character on the television show ''Monster Warriors'' *Tony Montana, the main character in the film ''Scarface (1983 film)'' *Antonio, a character in the video game ''Assassin's Creed II'' *Antonio the male otter, a character in the animated TV show ''The Penguins of Madagascar'' *Antonio, one of the scarlet macaw players in the Pit of Doom in ''Rio 2'' * Antonio “Tony” Padilla, a character in the novel and Netflix series ''13 Reasons Why'' * Antonio, the protagonist's father in the movie ''Nahuel and the Magic Book''

Other uses

* Antonino, Kansas, a community in the United States *MV Antonios, a number of motor vessels with this or a similar name * Carlos Antonio (disambiguation) * "Oh! Oh! Antonio!" music-hall song performed by Florrie Forde (retrieved 25 Sep 2019)


*Ebony Antonio (born 1991), female Australian rules footballer *Lou Antonio (born 1934), American actor and director *Michail Antonio (born 1990) is an English professional footballer *Pablo Antonio (1901–1975), Filipino architect

See also

*Antonic *Antonijo *Antonik *Antonin (name) *Antonino (name) *Antonios, name *Antoñito (name) *Antoniu *Antono (name) *Entonio Pashaj


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