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Antonio Hayes (born December 9, 1977) is an American politician
American politician
who has represented the 40th legislative district in the Maryland
House of Delegates since 2014, whuch includes the Midtown and West Baltimore neighborhoods in Baltimore
City, MD.[1] Hayes is a member of the House Health and Government Operations Committee, Baltimore
City Delegation and the Legislative Black Caucus of Maryland.[2]


1 Early Life and Education 2 Maryland
House of Delegates 3 Legislative Notes

3.1 House Bill 1329: Heroin and Opioid Prevention Effort (HOPE) and Treatment Act of 2017 3.2 House Bill 1465: Baltimore
City - Police Community Policing Steering Committee 3.3 House Bill 1492: Housing and Community Development - Food Deserts - Small Loans

4 State Senate Bid 5 References

Early Life and Education[edit] Hayes was born in Baltimore
City, Maryland. Raised by his grandmother in the Penn North Neighborhood of West Baltimore, he graduated from Walbrook high school in Baltimore
City. He graduated from Frostburg State University in 2000, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in political science. Hayes’ began his career as a Community Organizer for the State of Maryland’s HotSpots program, where he worked to combat crime in our communities. He then served as Legislative Director for Baltimore’s City Council President, helping guide legislation that advanced schools, improved housing, created jobs.  He later worked as an Assistant Deputy Mayor for the City of Baltimore, overseeing the City’s public safety agencies. During his tenure, the city saw a notable decrease in crime and arrests. Hayes serves as the Chief of Staff for the Baltimore
City Department of Social Services, where he connects low-income families to public assistance, and assists abused and neglected children.[3] During his time at the Department of Social Services, Hayes and his team have reduced the number of children in foster care by more than 58%. They achieved that success by improving the children’s rate of placement with long-term families. Maryland
House of Delegates[edit] In 2014, Hayes beat out incumbent Shawn Z. Tarrant
Shawn Z. Tarrant
to win a seat in the House of Delegates. Hayes’ first session in the was January 2015.   In 2018, Hayes was named legislator of the year by the Mental Health Association of Maryland
(MHAMD). As Delegate for the 40th Legislative District, Hayes has spurred local business by investing $1.3 million in Coppin State’s business school, fought community alcoholism by doubling the fine for liquor stores that sell to minors, invested $300,000 in Morrell Park Little League and $300,000 in James Mosher Baseball - the first state support its received in 57 years. Hayes also addressed mental illness and drug addiction by fighting to keep Medicaid on par with the cost of living. Legislative Notes[edit] House Bill 1329: Heroin and Opioid Prevention Effort (HOPE) and Treatment Act of 2017[edit] HB 1329 requires each hospital to have a protocol for discharging a patient who was treated by the hospital for a drug overdose or was identified as having a substance use disorder. Requires Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services (DPSCS) and DHMH to develop a plan to increase the provision of substance abuse treatment, including medication-assisted treatment in prisons and jails. Authorizes a physician or advanced practice nurse with prescribing authority who is employed by a local health department to prescribe and dispense naloxone to an individual who has not completed the training program though a standing order. Authorizes Local Fatality Review Teams to review overdoses and requires the Secretary of Health and Mental Hygiene to establish guidelines for the co-prescribing of opioid overdose reversal drugs that are applicable to all licensed health care providers who are authorized to prescribe a monitored prescription drug.[4] House Bill 1465: Baltimore
City - Police Community Policing Steering Committee[edit] This bill established A Baltimore
City Police Community Policing Steering Committee.[5] House Bill 1492: Housing and Community Development - Food Deserts - Small Loans[edit] This bill authorizes the Department of Housing and Community Development to provide small loans under the Business Development Program that are not more than $50,000 per loan to corner stores for assistance in providing access to healthy food in food deserts.[6] State Senate Bid[edit] On July 29th 2017, Hayes announced his bid for State Senate, challenging appointed state senator incumbent Sen. Barbara A. Robinson for the seat formerly held by Mayor Catherine E. Pugh. References[edit]

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