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Antoni is a
Catalan Catalan may refer to: Catalonia From, or related to Catalonia: * Catalan language, a Romance language * Catalans, an ethnic group formed by the people from, or with origins in, Catalonia * Països Catalans, territories where Catalan is spoken * C ...
, Polish language, Polish, and Slovene language, Slovene given name and a surname used in the eastern part of Spain, Poland and Slovenia. As a Catalan given name it is a variant of the male names Anton (given name), Anton and Antonio. As a Polish given name it is a variant of the female names Antonia (name), Antonia and Antonina (name), Antonina. As a Slovene name it is a variant of the male names Anton (given name), Anton, Antonij and Antonijo and the female name Antonija. As a surname it is derived from the Antonius root name. It may refer to:

Given name

* Antoni Brzeżańczyk, Polish football player and manager * Antoni Gaudi Catalan architect * Antoni Lima Solá * Antoni Lomnicki, Polish mathematician * Antoni Melchior Fijałkowski, Polish bishop * Antoni Niemczak, Polish long-distance runner * Józef Antoni Poniatowski, Polish prince and Marshal of France * Antoni Porowski, Polish-Canadian chef, actor, and television personality * Antoni Radziwiłł, Polish politician * Antoni Slonimski, Antoni Słonimski, Polish poet and writer


* Brian Antoni (born 1958), American author * Dmitri Antoni (born 1983), Estonian figure skater * Janine Antoni (born 1964), Bahamian artist * Jennipher Antoni (born 1976), German actress * Lorenc Antoni (1909 – 1991), Kosovo Albanian composer * Mark De Gli Antoni (born 1962), American composer * Robert Antoni (born 1958), West Indian writer * Robert "Stewkey" Antoni (born 1947), American musician * Valdete Antoni (born 1953), Albanian poet

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*Anthoni, name *Anthony (disambiguation) *Antonic *Antonik *Antonin (name) *Antoniu *Antono (name) *Antony (disambiguation) *Anttoni Honka


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