Anton A��be


Anton may refer to:


*Anton (given name), including a list of people with the given name *Anton (surname)


*Anton Municipality, Bulgaria **Anton, Sofia Province, a village *Antón District, Panama **Antón, a town and capital of the district *Anton, Colorado, an unincorporated town *Anton, Texas, a city *Anton, Wisconsin, an unincorporated community *River Anton, Hampshire, United Kingdom

Other uses

*Case Anton, codename for the German and Italian occupation of Vichy France in 1942 *Anton (computer), a highly parallel supercomputer for molecular dynamics simulations *Anton (1973 film), ''Anton'' (1973 film), a Norwegian film *Anton (2008 film), ''Anton'' (2008 film), an Irish film *Anton Cup, the championship trophy of the Swedish junior hockey league J20 SuperElit {{disambiguation, geo