Antoine is a French given name (from the Latin ''Antonius'' meaning “highly praise-worthy”) that is a variant of Danton, Titouan, D'Anton and Antonin used in France, Switzerland, Belgium, Canada, West Greenland, Haiti, French Guiana, Madagascar, Benin, Niger, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Senegal, Mauritania, Western Sahara, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Chad, Central African Republic, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Republic of the Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Burundi, and Rwanda. The name is a cognate of the masculine given name Anthony, and the feminine form is Antoinette.

As a first name

*Antoine Alexandre Barbier, (1765-1825), a French librarian and bibliographer *Antoine Arbogast, (1759-1803), a French mathematician *Antoine Arnauld, (1612-1694), a French theologian, philosopher and mathematician *Antoine Audet, (1846-1915), a Member of the House of Commons of Canada *Antoine, bastard of Burgundy, (1421-1504), bastard son of Philip III, also known as Philip the Good *Antoine Baumé, (1728-1804), a French chemist *Antoine Béchamp, (1816-1908), a French biologist *Antoine Bertier, (1761-1854), a French landowner and politician *Antoine Bethea, (1984-), an American football player *Antoine Bibesco, (1878-1851), a Romanian prince, aristocrat, lawyer, diplomat and writer *Antoine Brooks (born 1997), American football player *Antoine Busnois, (1430-1492), a French composer and poet *Antoine Caldwell, (1986-), an American football player *Antoine Carr, (1961-), a former American basketball player *Antoine Carraby, (1967-), stage name DJ Yella, member of N.W.A *Antoine Cason, (1986-), an American football player *Antoine Clamaran, (1964-), a French DJ *Antoine Coupland, (2003-), Canadian soccer player *Antoine Depardieu/D'Coolette, a character from ''Sonic the Hedgehog'' *Antoine de Caunes, (1953-), French television presenter, actor, writer and film director *Antoine de Jussieu, (1686-1758), a French botanist *Antoine de Lhoyer, (1768-1852), a French virtuoso guitarist and composer *Antoine Demarest, from the Hooley Dooleys *Antoine Dénériaz, (1976-), French alpine skier *Antoine Deparcieux, (1703-1768), a French mathematician *Antoine de Saint-Exupéry,(1900-1944), French aviator and writer *Antoine Dodson,(1986-), American interviewee turned internet celebrity *Antoine Domino, (1928-2017), American singer and pianist, better known as 'Fats Domino' *Antoine Drouot, (1774-1844), French officer who fought in the French Revolutionary Wars and Napoleonic Wars *Antoine Dubé, (1947-), member of the Canadian House of Commons *Antoine François Desrues, (1744-1777), French poisoner *Antoine Étex, (1808-1888), French sculptor, painter and architect *Antoine Furetière,(1619-1688), French scholar *Antoine Galland, (1646-1715), French orientalist and archaeologist *Antoine Griezmann, (1991), French football player *Antoine Héroet, (1492-1568), French poet *Antoine Izméry, (?-1993), Haitian businessman *Antoine Rizkallah Kanaan Filho, (1974-), Brazilian racing driver *Antoine Karam, (1950-), Lebanese politician *Antoine Konrad, (1975-), a Swiss DJ *Antoine Lavoisier, (1743-1794), French nobleman and chemist, known for identifying Oxygen and Hydrogen *Antoine Adolphe Marcelin Marbot, (1781-1844), French general who fought in the Napoleonic Wars *Antoine François Marmontel, (1816-1898), French pianist, teacher and musicographer *Antoine Merriweather, a character portrayed by David Alan Grier in the ''In Living Color'' sketch "Men on Film" *Antoine Parent, (1666-1716), French mathematician *Antoine Pinto, (1991-), French Muay Thai kickboxing *Antoine Pruneau, (1989-), Canadian gridiron football player *Antoine River, a river in Antoine, Arkansas *Antoine de Rochebrune, (1964-), French Roman Catholic priest *Antoine Rostand, (1963-), French businessman *Antoine Sakr, Lebanese footballer *Antoine Sibierski, (1974-), French former footballer *Antoine Sonrel, (1804-1879), a French engraver, illustrator and photographer *Antoine Claire Thibaudeau, (1765-1854), a French politician *Antoine Walker, (1976-), American basketball player *Antoine Wesley, (1997-), American football player *Antoine Winfield, (1977-), American football player *Antoine Winfield Jr. (born 1998), American football player, son of Antoine Winfield *Antoine-Aimé Dorion, (1818-1891), a French-Canadian politician and jurist *Antoine-Denis Chaudet, (1763-1810), a French sculptor *Antoine-Jean Gros, (1771-1835), a French female painter *Antoine-Marin Lemierre, (1733-1793), a French dramatist and poet *Antoine Fuqua, (1966-), an American film director *Antoine Dufour, (1979-), a French-Canadian acoustic guitarist *Antoine Sinitsin, (2003-), a Russian poet *Antoine Buckland, (2002-), an English-French football player for Comberton Crusaders Football Club *

As a family name

* Louis-Joseph Antoine (1846–1912), Walloon religions leader, founder of Antoinism * Louis Charles Antoine (1825-1897), French engineer and physicist, developer of Antoine equation * Louis Antoine (1888-1971), French mathematician * André Antoine (1858–1943) French actor and director, founder of the Théâtre Libre * Jonathan Antoine (born 1995), English classical opera singer * Josephine Antoine (1907–1971), American coloratura soprano

As a mononym

* Antoine (born 1944), French musician and sailor * Antoine de Paris (1884 – 1976) Polish celebrity hairdresser


* ''Antoine'' (film), a 2008 film by Laura Bari


*Antoine (automobile), a Belgian automobile *Antoine equation, a vapor pressure equation *Antoine Butte is the highest summit of the Little Rocky Mountains in Montana

Other spellings

*Antoan: **Antoan Richardson, Bahaman baseball player *Antoin: **Antoin Sevruguin, photographer (note that Sevruguin's personal practice was to re-add the E to the end of his first name). *Antuan: **Antuan Simmons, American football player *Antwan: **Antwan Patton, American rapper who uses the stage name Big Boi **Ant Wan, Swedish rapper *Antwaan: **Antwaan Randle El, American football player *Antwaun ** Antwaun Austin, Pawn Stars Security Guard *Antwawn *Antwon *Antjuan *Antwone: **Antwone Fisher, American author, screenwriter and film producer ***Antwone Fisher (film), autobiographical film about the aforementioned Antwone Fisher *Antaun *Antawn (when pronounced as in ''Antoine'' rather than as in ''Anton''): **Antawn Jamison, American basketball player *Antione *Antwoine: **Antwoine Sanders, American football player **Antwoine Womack, American football player *Antowain: **Antowain Smith, American football player *Antouano (Provençal variant)

See also

*Anthoine (disambiguation) * Antoinette *DeAntoine Beasley * Jean-Antoine *Antwoine


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