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Anna may refer to: * Anna (given name) ** Anne, a derivative of Anna


* Anna (feral child) (1932–1942), pseudonym given to an abused child in Pennsylvania, U.S. * Anna (singer) (born 1987), Japanese-American singer * Anna the Prophetess, in the Gospel of Luke * Anna of East Anglia (died c. 650), King of the East Angles * Anna (wife of Artabasdos) (700s), wife of a Byzantine Emperor * Anna (daughter of Boris I) (9th–10th century), Bulgarian princess * Anna (Anisia) (1200s), first wife of Tsar Ivan Asen II of Bulgaria * Anna, Grand Duchess of Lithuania (died 1418), Grand Duchess of Lithuania (1392–1418) * Annna (born 1994), a Latvian-Dutch singer and songwriter * Murders of Mohammed Ammouri and Anna-Lena Svensson, Anna-Lena Svensson (died 2004), Swedish murder victim * Anna of Poland, Countess of Celje (1366–1425), countess consort of Celje in Slovenia * Anna of Nassau-Dillenburg (died 1514), Flemish-German philanthropist * Anna of Denmark (1532–1585), Electress of Saxony and Margravine of Meissen * Anna Pehrsönernas moder (died 1568), Swedish alleged witch * Anna of Russia (1693–1740), Empress of Russia from 1730 to 1740 * Anna, Lady Barlow (1874–1965), an English politician * Anna Hazare (born 1937), Indian social activist * Alfred Frenzel (1899–1968), codename Anna, a Czechoslovakian spy * C. N. Annadurai or Anna (1909–1969), former chief minister of Tamil Nadu, India * N. T. Rama Rao or Anna (1923–1996), former chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, India



* Anna Creek Station, South Australia, a locality * Hundred of Anna, a cadastral district in South Australia


* Anna, Fars, a village in Fars Province * Anna, Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad, a village in Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province


* Anna, Voronezh Oblast, an urban locality in Voronezh Oblast * Anna, Russia, a list of inhabited localities

United States

* Anna, Arkansas, United States * Anna, Georgia, United States * Anna, Kentucky, United States * Anna, Illinois, United States * Anna, Ohio, United States * Anna, Texas, United States * Lake Anna, a freshwater lake in central Virginia, United States

Other places

* Anna, Estonia, a village in Paide Parish, Järva County, Estonia * Anna Regina, the capital of the Pomeroon-Supenaam Region of Guyana * Anna Cave, a natural limestone cave in Miskolc-Lillafüred, Hungary * Anna Salai, an arterial road in Chennai, India * Anna (Iraq), a former name of Anah in Iraq * Anna, Latvia, a village in the Alūksne District, Latvia * Anna Paulowna, a municipality and town in the Netherlands * Anna, Valencia, Spain * Anna Valley, a village in Hampshire, United Kingdom



* Anna, the main character in ''Mister God, This Is Anna'' by Fynn * Anna, the sister of Dido, Queen of Carthage, in Roman mythology and later literature * Anna, an early name for Morgause of Arthurian legend * Anna, the main character in ''When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit'' by Judith Kerr * Anna (Frozen), Anna (''Frozen''), one of the main characters in the 2013 Disney animated film, ''Frozen'' * Anna or Ti'ana, a fictional character in the ''Myst'' games * Anna Blake, a fictional character from the ''Scooby-Doo'' video-games ''Scooby-Doo! First Frights'' and ''Scooby-Doo! and the Spooky Swamp'' * Anna Williams (Tekken), Anna Williams (''Tekken''), fictional character in the ''Tekken'' video game series * Anna, a character in the animated series ''Space Carrier Blue Noah'' * Anna, the main character in the novel ''Anna Karenina''


* Anna (1951 film), ''Anna'' (1951 film), Italian film directed by Alberto Lattuada * Anna (1964 film), ''Anna'' (1964 film), Indian Malayalam film directed by K. S. Sethumadhavan * Anna (1967 film), ''Anna'' (1967 film), French film starring Anna Karina * Anna (1970 film), ''Anna'' (1970 film), Finnish film starring Harriet Andersson * Anna (1987 film), ''Anna'' (1987 film), American film about a Czech actress in New York City * Anna (1988 film), ''Anna'' (1988 film), a film script-supervised by Mary Cybulski * Anna (1994 film), ''Anna'' (1994 film), Indian Telugu film directed by Muthyala Subbaiah starring Rajasekhar, Roja and Gauthami * Anna (2013 film), ''Anna'' (2013 film), a psychological thriller that was originally released as ''Mindscape'' * Anna (2015 Canadian film), ''Anna'' (2015 Canadian film) * Anna (2015 Colombian film), ''Anna'' (2015 Colombian film) * Anna (2016 film), ''Anna'' (2016 film), an Indian film based on the life of Anna Hazare * Anna (2019 feature film), ''Anna'' (2019 feature film), a French film by Luc Besson * Anna (2019 short film), ''Anna'' (2019 short film), a live-action short film * ''Anna: 6 - 18'', 1993 documentary by Nikita Mikhalkov

Television and games

* Anna (video game), ''Anna'' (video game), a 2012 psychological horror game * Anna (TV series), ''Anna'' (TV series), a German Christmas television series


* Anna (magazine), ''Anna'' (magazine), a weekly Italian women's fashion magazine * ''Anna'', novel by Niccolò Ammaniti


* Anna Records, early Motown label * ANNA (band), a Ukrainian nu-metal band * Anna (Anna Waronker album), ''Anna'' (Anna Waronker album), 2002 * Anna (The Courteeners album), ''Anna'' (The Courteeners album), 2013 * Anna (The Cribs song), "Anna" (The Cribs song) * "Anna", a 2015 song by Will Butler from ''Policy (Will Butler album), Policy'' * "Anna", a 2011 song by Charlotte Gainsbourg from ''Stage Whisper'' * "Anna", a 1984 song by APO Hiking Society from ''Feet on the Ground'' * "Anna", a 1975 song by Bad Company from ''Straight Shooter (Bad Company album), Straight Shooter'' * "Anna", a 1970 song by Lucio Battisti * "Anna", a song by Toto from ''The Seventh One'' * "Anna", a song by Stone Sour from ''Audio Secrecy'' * "Anna (Go to Him)", a 1962 song by Arthur Alexander, later covered by The Beatles


* Anna (dog), first survivor of experimental pulmonary bypass surgery * Anna (gastropod), ''Anna'' (gastropod), a genus of sea snails * Anna (apple), a cultivar of domesticated apple * Anna (plant), ''Anna'' (plant), a genus of flowering plants in the family Gesneriaceae


* Anna (ship), ''Anna'' (ship), a 1739 merchant vessel * Anna (1790 ship), ''Anna'' (1790 ship) or ''Bombay Anna'', a British East India Company (EIC) ship * Anna (1793 ship), ''Anna'' (1793 ship) or ''Bengal Anna'', a British East India Company (EIC) ship * Anna (1912 automobile), a defunct automobile of unknown origin * , a 1940 Kriegsmarine coastal tanker

Other uses

* , Japanese era from 968 to 970 * Abkhazian Network News Agency, a news agency in the breakaway Abkhazian Republic * Anna River (disambiguation) * Anna University, an engineering university with a number of affiliates in Tamil Nadu, India * Indian anna, a currency unit formerly used in India * Pommes Anna, or Anna potatoes, a classic French potato dish

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