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Anke Lutz (born 21 March 1970), née Koglin, is a
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Woman International Master (WIM) (1995), German Chess Women's Championship winner (1991).


In 1991, Anke Lutz won German Chess Women's Championship in
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, in 1993 and 2001 she took second place in this tournament. In 1995, she received the title of Woman International Master (WIM). In 2000, in Bad Wörishofen chess tournament ''16. International Open'' she fulfill the norm of Woman Grandmaster (WGM). Anke Lutz played for Germany in the
Women's Chess OlympiadThe Women's Chess Olympiad is an event held by FIDE The International Chess Federation or World Chess Federation, commonly referred to by its French acronym An acronym is a word or name formed from the initial components of a longer name or p ...
s: * In 1998, at third board in the 33rd Chess Olympiad (women) in
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(+5, =4, -2), * In 2000, at third board in the 34th Chess Olympiad (women) in Istanbul (+3, =4, -3). Anke Lutz played for Germany in the European Team Chess Championship: * In 1999, at first reserve board in the 3rd European Team Chess Championship (women) in Batumi (+1, =2, -1). Anke Lutz won the 16th German Women's Correspondence Chess Championship in 1991/94. In the final of the 1st European Women's Championship 1987/99 she finished the shared 3rd place.1. Europameisterschaft der Frauen im Fernschach

Private life

Anke Lutz studied computer science in Cologne, where she now lives. Since the summer of 2006 she is List of chess families, married to the German chess Grandmaster (chess), Grandmaster (GM) Christopher Lutz. The couple has two daughters.


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