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is the English form of a given name common in many countries. In the 1990s, it was among the top ten most popular names given to boys in English-speaking countries.[3] In Italian, the equivalent to "Andrew" is "Andrea", though "Andrea" is feminine in most other languages. "Andrew" is frequently shortened to "Andy" or "Drew". The word is derived from the Greek: Ανδρέας, Andreas,[4] itself related to Ancient Greek: ἀνήρ/ἀνδρός aner/andros, "man" (as opposed to "woman"), thus meaning "manly" and, as consequence, "strong", "courageous", and "warrior". In the King James Bible, the Greek "Ἀνδρέας" is translated as Andrew.[5]


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3.1 Saint Andrew 3.2 Kings Andrew 3.3 Dukes Andrew 3.4 Princes Andrew 3.5 United States politics 3.6 Business, culture, science, and sport 3.7 Religion 3.8 In fiction

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Popularity[edit] Australia[edit] In 2000, the name Andrew
was the second most popular name in Australia.[6] In 1999, it was the 19th most common name,[7] while in 1940, it was the 31st most common name.[8] Andrew
was the first most popular name given to boys in the Northern Territory in 2003 to 2015 and continuing.[9] In Victoria, Andrew
was the first most popular name for a boy in the 1970s.[10] Canada[edit] Andrew
was the 20th most popular name chosen for male infants in 2005.[11] Andrew
was the 16th most popular name for infants in British Columbia in 2004,[12] the 17th most popular name in 2003,[13] and the 19th most popular name in 2002.[14] In 2001, it was the 18th most common name.[15] From 1999 – 2003, Andrew
was the sixth most often chosen name for a boy.[16] Europe[edit] In the United Kingdom in 1974, Andrew
was the fourth most common name for a boy among infants, and it was third in 1964.[17] In Norway, with the spelling 'Andreas', the name has been the second most common name given to boys of the 1990s.[18]

Year England & Wales Ireland Northern Ireland Scotland Norway

2007 99th[19] * * * *

2006 97th[20] * * * 6th[21]

2005 86th[22] 39th[23] * 16th[24] 8th

2004 80th[25] 32nd[26] * 16th[27] 4th

2003 74th[28] 36th[29] * 17th[30] 4th

2002 63rd[31] 41st[32] * 17th[33] 5th

2001 56th[34] 37th[35] * 7th[36] 4th

2000 53rd[37] 31st[38] * 6th[39] 7th

1999 46th[40] 28th[41] * 7th[42] 4th

1998 40th[43] 23rd[44] * 8th[45] 5th

1997 * * * * 1st

1996 * * * * 3rd

1995 * * 6th[46] * 2nd

United States[edit] The eleventh most common baby name in 2006,[47] Andrew
was among the ten most popular names for male infants in 2005.[48] Andrew
was the sixth most popular choice for a male infant in 2004.[49] In 2002 and 2001, Andrew
was the seventh most popular baby name in the United States.[50][51][52] In the 1980s, Andrew
was the 19th most popular choice of baby name in the United States.[53] In the 1970s it was the 31st most popular name.[54] From the 1960s stretching back at least as far as the 1880s, Andrew
was not among the forty most popular names in America.[55][56][57][58][59][60][61][62][63] Variants by language[edit]

Andria: Georgian, masculine Aindrea, Aindreas or Anndra: Scottish Gaelic, masculine Aindréas, Aindriú, Aindreas: Irish Gaelic, masculine Anaru: Maori, masculine Andra: Scots, masculine Ander: Basque, masculine Anders: Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, masculine Andras: Welsh András, Endre: Hungarian, masculine Andraš: Prekmurje dialect
Prekmurje dialect
of Slovene, masculine Andraž: Slovene, masculine André
or Andre: French and Portuguese, masculine Andrea: Albanian, Italian, masculine; Croatian, Czech, Danish, English, Finnish, Galician, German, Hungarian, Icelandic, Macedonian, Norwegian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, feminine Andreas: Armenian, Cypriot Greek, Danish, German, Greek, Latin, Norwegian, Icelandic, Swedish, Welsh, masculine Andreu: Catalan, masculine Andreea: Romanian, feminine Andrée: French, feminine Andrees: Older Dutch and seldom used Afrikaans, masculine Andrei: Moldovan, Romanian, Belarusian, Russian, masculine Andreia: Portuguese, feminine Andreina: Italian, feminine Andris: Latvian, masculine Andrei: Romanian, masculine Andrej: Belarusian, Croatian, Macedonian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovene, masculine Andrey: Russian and Bulgarian, masculine (Cyrillic and thus often alternatively transliterated as Andrei for both) Andreja: Macedonian, masculine; Croatian, Slovene, feminine Andreo: Spanish, masculine Andres: Estonian, masculine Andrés: Icelandic, Spanish, masculine Andreu: Catalan, masculine Andrew: English, masculine Andric: English, masculine Andries: Dutch and Afrikaans, masculine Andri: Icelandic, masculine Andrii: Ukrainian, masculine Andrija: Croatian and Serbian, masculine Andrijana: Macedonian, Serbian, feminine Andris or Andrejs: Latvian, masculine Aindriú: Gaeilge, masculine Andrius: Lithuanian, masculine Andriy: Ukrainian, masculine Andrzej
or Jędrzej: Polish, masculine Andrzeja: Polish, feminine; obsolete Antti: Finnish, masculine Ondřej: Czech, masculine Ondrej: Slovak, masculine Andrij: Ukrainian, masculine Indrì or Andrija: Maltese, masculine In Albanian: Andrea, Andreu, André, Ndré, Ndreu, Andër, Andërs, masculine アンデルー: Japanese, masculine 安德鲁: Mandarin Chinese
Mandarin Chinese
(simplified), masculine 安德魯: Mandarin Chinese
Mandarin Chinese
(traditional), masculine أندرو: Arabic, masculine

For alternate forms of Anna, see Anna (name)#Variant forms Notable people named Andrew[edit] Saint Andrew[edit] In the Christian Bible, Saint Andrew
was the earliest disciple of Jesus
and one of the twelve Apostles.

Other saints named Andrew

Saint Andrew of Trier
Andrew of Trier
(d. 235), Bishop of Trier Saint Andrew
of Crete, an 8th-century archbishop, theologian, homilist, and hymnographer Saint Andrew of Crete
Andrew of Crete
(martyr) Saint Andrew
of Constantinople Saints Andrew Dung-Lac
Andrew Dung-Lac
An Tran, Andrew
Thong Kim Nguyen, Andrew
Trong Van Tram, and Andrew
Tuong of the Vietnamese Martyrs Saint Andrew Kim Taegon
Andrew Kim Taegon
of the Korean Martyrs

Kings Andrew[edit]

King Andrew
I of Hungary King Andrew
II of Hungary King Andrew
III of Hungary

Dukes Andrew[edit]

Andrius Algirdaitis (1325–1399), first son of Algirdas

Princes Andrew[edit]

Prince Andrew, Duke of York
Prince Andrew, Duke of York
(1960–), second son of Elizabeth II Prince Andrew
of Greece
and Denmark (1882–1944), the aforementioned's paternal grandfather and namesake Edward VIII (1894–1972) bore the name Andrew Prince William of Gloucester
Prince William of Gloucester
(1941–1972), grandson of George V, was William Henry Andrew

United States politics[edit]

Andrew Cuomo
Andrew Cuomo
(56th Governor of New York) Andrew Gillum (125th Mayor of Tallahassee, Florida) Andrew Jackson
Andrew Jackson
(7th President of the United States of America) Andrew Johnson
Andrew Johnson
(17th President of the United States of America)

Business, culture, science, and sport[edit]

Andrew Abercromby
Andrew Abercromby
– Scottish biomedical engineer and aquanaut Andrew Bayes – American football player Andy Biersack
Andy Biersack
– lead vocalist of American rock band Black Veil Brides Andrew Bird
Andrew Bird
– American musician Andrew Bloom – American Olympic shot putter Andrew Bogut
Andrew Bogut
– basketball player Andrew Brunette
Andrew Brunette
– ice hockey player Andrew
Buckley – field hockey player Andrew Bynum
Andrew Bynum
– basketball player Andrew Carnegie
Andrew Carnegie
– steel magnate and philanthropist Andrew Craig - keyboardist for The Nightrain Andrew
"Dice" Clay – comedian Andrew Dost
Andrew Dost
– Guitarist Andrew Clayton – freestyle swimmer Andrew Cole
Andrew Cole
– footballer Andrew
Davies – screenwriter Andy Dawson (born 1978) – English footballer Andy Dawson (born 1979) – English footballer Andrew De Silva (born 1974) - Sri Lankan Australian rock vocalist Andrew Digby
Andrew Digby
an astronomer and ecologist whose work focusses on researching and conserving New Zealand's endangered endemic birds. Andrew J. Feustel
Andrew J. Feustel
– American astronaut Andrew Flintoff
Andrew Flintoff
– cricketer Andrew Rube Foster
Andrew Rube Foster
– Hall of Fame manager for baseball's Negro Leagues Andrew Friedman
Andrew Friedman
- American, baseball general manager Andrew Garfield
Andrew Garfield
– actor Andrew Gaze
Andrew Gaze
– basketball player Andy Gibb
Andy Gibb
( Andrew
Roy Gibb) – pop singer and composer Andrew Graham-Dixon
Andrew Graham-Dixon
– art historian and broadcaster Andy Griffith
Andy Griffith
– actor/singer/comedian Andrew Grove
Andrew Grove
- businessman/engineer/author and a science pioneer Andrew
Hastie – field hockey player Andrew Hussie
Andrew Hussie
- an artist at MSPAINTADVENTURES Andrew Huxley
Andrew Huxley
– physiologist Andrew
Jacobs – New York Times journalist, and documentary film director and producer Andrew Jacobson
Andrew Jacobson
- Major League Soccer player Andrew Jayamanne
Andrew Jayamanne
- Sri Lankan film director Andrew Johns
Andrew Johns
– rugby league player Andrew Johnson
Andrew Johnson
– footballer Andrew
Johnston – actor Andy Kaufman
Andy Kaufman
– comedian Andrew Knott – English actor Andrew Ladd
Andrew Ladd
– ice hockey player Andrew Laine - American engineer Andrew Lang
Andrew Lang
– man of letters Andrew Lee Potts
Andrew Lee Potts
– actor/director Andrej
Lemanis – Australian basketball coach Andrew Lincoln
Andrew Lincoln
– British actor Andrew Lloyd Webber
Andrew Lloyd Webber
– composer and impresario Andrew Lorraine – American baseball player Andrew Luck
Andrew Luck
– American football player Andrej
Mangold – German basketball player Andrew Marr
Andrew Marr
– broadcaster Andrew Marvell
Andrew Marvell
– poet Andrew McCullough
Andrew McCullough
– Australian Rugby League player Andrew McCutchen
Andrew McCutchen
– baseball player Andrew Mehrtens
Andrew Mehrtens
– rugby union player Andrew Mellon
Andrew Mellon
– American businessman, philanthropist and politician Andrew
Murray – tennis player Andrew Neil
Andrew Neil
– political journalist and broadcaster Andrew
O'Keefe, Australian TV personality Andrew Provence – American football player Andrew Raycroft
Andrew Raycroft
– ice hockey player Andy Richter
Andy Richter
– actor/writer/comedian Andrew Ridgeley – English musician, George Michael's partner in Wham! Andrew
Robinson – water polo player Andrew
Sabiston, Canadian voice actor Andrew Sachs
Andrew Sachs
– character actor Andrew Sega
Andrew Sega
– American musician Andrew
"Andy" Shernoff – songwriter/guitarist for the pre-punk band The Dictators Andrew Shue
Andrew Shue
– American actor Andrew Stahl – television and film actor Andrew Stanton
Andrew Stanton
– "Pixar" producer, director, voice actor, and screenwriter Andrew Stevovich
Andrew Stevovich
- American visual artist Andrew Stockdale
Andrew Stockdale
– guitarist and singer of Wolfmother Andrew Symonds
Andrew Symonds
– cricketer Andrew Tanenbaum
Andrew Tanenbaum
– Computer Scientist Andrew Timlin – field hockey player Andrew Toney
Andrew Toney
– basketball player Andy Van Slyke
Andy Van Slyke
– baseball player Andrew VanWyngarden
Andrew VanWyngarden
– musician Andrew W.K.
Andrew W.K.
– singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, entertainer, and motivational speaker Andrew Wagner – American film director Andrew Walter
Andrew Walter
– American football player Andy Warhol
Andy Warhol
– famous Pop artist Andrew Wiles
Andrew Wiles
– British mathematician, proved Fermat's Last Theorem Andrew Wiggins
Andrew Wiggins
– Canadian basketball player Andrew
Wood – singer for grunge band Mother Love Bone Andrew Wyeth
Andrew Wyeth
– American visual artist


Andrew Kumarage - 3rd Anglican Bishop of Kurunegala

In fiction[edit]

Andrew, angel of death from Touched by an Angel Andrew, robot from Isaac Asimov's 1976 novella The Bicentennial Man and its 1999 film adaptation Andy Botwin from the TV series Weeds Andy Bernard
Andy Bernard
from the TV series The Office Andy Davis, character from Disney Pixar's Toy Story
Toy Story
and its sequels Andy Dufresne, from the Stephen King
Stephen King
novel Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption and the film adaption The Shawshank Redemption Andrew
Ryan from the video game BioShock Drew Torres, from Degrassi: The Next Generation Andrew
Wiggin aka Ender Wiggin, the title character from Orson Scott Card's famous science fiction novel Ender's Game Andrei Nikolayevich Bolkonsky, central character in Leo Tolstoy's novel War and Peace Andy Dwyer, a character from the TV series Parks and Recreation Andrew
Fillier, a character in the film Cyberbully

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