An may refer to:

Science and technology

* ''An'', in mathematics, a root system and its Dynkin diagram * ''An'', in mathematics, conventional notation for the alternating group * Actinide (An), informal symbol for a series of chemical elements * Anode, in electronic schematics * Anorthite, a feldspar mineral * An-, model prefix for the Antonov aircraft manufacturer * A prefix used by the U.S. military for electronic equipment named under the Joint Electronics Type Designation System.

Other uses

* an, a variant of the English indefinite article ''a'' * An (surname) (安), Chinese surname * Ahn (Korean name) (安) * An County, in Sichuan, China * An (god), in Sumerian mythology * An (Shintō), a small table or platform used during Shinto ceremonies * ''Sweet Bean'', also known as ''An'', a 2015 Japanese film

See also

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