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Amphipogon, greybeard grasses,[2] is a genus of Australian plants in the grass family.[3][4][5]


Amphipogon amphipogonoides Amphipogon avenaceus Amphipogon caricinus Amphipogon debilis Amphipogon laguroides Amphipogon sericeus Amphipogon strictus Amphipogon turbinatus

formerly included[1]

see Diplopogon Melanocenchris

Amphipogon humilis - Melanocenchris jacquemontii Amphipogon setaceus - Melanocenchris setaceus

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Taxon identifiers

Wd: Q253870 EoL: 79244 EPPO: 1AMGG FloraBase: 20954 GBIF: 3232826 GrassBase: gen00032 GRIN: 566 NCBI: 57048 Tropicos: 40012687

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