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13 extant genera; 1 fossil genus[1]

Amblyoponinae is a subfamily of ants in the poneromorph subfamilies group containing 13 extant genera and one extinct genus. The ants in this subfamily are mostly specialized subterranean predators.[2]


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Identification[edit] Amblyoponinae is characterized by these worker characters: eyes small or absent, situated behind midlength of side of head; anterior margin of clypeus with specialized dentiform setae; promesonotal suture flexible; petiole very broadly attached to abdominal segment 3 and without a distinct posterior face; postpetiole absent; sting present and well developed.[2] Systematics[edit] The subfamily was formerly considered a tribe within Ponerinae, but was elevated to its own subfamily in 2003 when Barry Bolton divided Ponerinae into six subfamilies.[3]

Amblyoponinae Forel, 1893

Amblyoponini Forel, 1893

Adetomyrma Ward, 1994 Amblyopone Erichson, 1842 Apomyrma Brown, Gotwald & Lévieux, 1971 †Casaleia Pagliano & Scaramozzino, 1990 Myopopone Roger, 1861 Mystrium Roger, 1862 Onychomyrmex Emery, 1895 Opamyrma Yamane, Bui & Eguchi, 2008 Prionopelta Mayr, 1866 Stigmatomma Roger, 1859 Xymmer Santschi, 1914

incertae sedis

Paraprionopelta Kusnezov, 1955


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This article incorporates text from a scholarly publication published under a copyright license that allows anyone to reuse, revise, remix and redistribute the materials in any form for any purpose: Bolton, B. (2013), "An online catalog of the ants of the world.", AntCat, retrieved 22 September 2013  Please check the source for the exact licensing terms.

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Ant taxonomy

Kingdom Animalia Phylum Arthropoda Class Insecta Order Hymenoptera Family Formicidae



Agroecomyrmecinae Amblyoponinae Aneuretinae Apomyrminae Dolichoderinae Dorylinae Ectatomminae Formicinae Heteroponerinae Leptanillinae Martialinae Myrmeciinae Myrmicinae Paraponerinae Ponerinae Proceratiinae Pseudomyrmecinae


†Armaniinae †Brownimeciinae †Formiciinae †Sphecomyrminae


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Wd: Q139135 BugGuide: 31271 EoL: 10456163 Fossilworks: 251953 NCBI: 292192

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