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Alton Miller
Alton Miller
is a Detroit-based producer, singer, and percussionist.


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Biography[edit] Miller is a Detroit-based DJ, producer, singer and percussonist as well as a pioneer of Detroit house music. Miller became interested in progressive dance music in the mid 1980s. He came to Detroit willing to create a club dedicated to electronic music. Music Institute[1] was founded in 1988 by Miller, George Baker and Chez Damier.[citation needed] The Music Institute closed in 1989 and Miller left for Toronto, where he hosted a radio show. He returned to Detroit and started producing on KMD Records, Kevin Saunderson’ record label founded in 1987. He played his first European gig in Italy alongside Derrick May the next year, and worked for Transmat at the same period. He signed some hits outside of Detroit including the track "Energy Flash" from Joey Beltram.[2] During the 1990s, Miller played in many clubs around the world, and moved to Paris from 1996 to 1998. There, he developed several artistic collaborations and friendships with French artists. He then lived in South African in 2011 and returned the next year in Detroit.[citation needed] 2015 saw him re-introduce his label InnerMuse Recordings with his own signature sound on Whereabouts Known.[citation needed] During Movement 2016 in Detroit, Miller played with Chez Damier for the first time since the Music Institute closed in 1989, during a party organized by fellow DJ Kai Alce.[3] In July 2016, Miller inaugurated the new Adeen Record Japan label with a first EP, called “More Positive Things”. He released another EP “The Vault” on Italian DJ Volcov’ record label, Neroli early October 2016. Discography[edit] Albums[edit]

Rhythm Exposed (Distance) 2000 Stories From Bohemia (Peacefrog Records) 2003 Souls Like Mine (R2 Records) 2007 Light Years Away (Mixed Signals Music) 2010


Pleasure Baby (Serious Grooves) 1993 I Like Havin' You (Cyren America Records), (Inner Child Records) 1993 It's Gonna Be Alright (KMS) avec Patrick Scott 1994 Lolita 20:20 Vision avec Urban Farmers 1996 Sky Musicaux EP (Distance) 1996 Jazzin' It E.P. (M3) 1997 Get It Up / Big Phreek / You Were There (Soul City) avec Marc Pharaoh et Greg Cash 1997 Blue Funk (M3) 1997 Untitled (Planet E) 1998 Progressions / Time & Space (Guidance Recordings) 1998 Sweet In The Morning / Vibrations (Distance) 1999 Song Of The Drum (Moods & Grooves) 1999 Spaces & Places EP (Track Mode) 1999 Deep Experience EP (Chord 44 Records) 2000 Glory (Life Line) avec Dorothea Lynn Sharon 2000 Love Ballad (Distance) 2000 Paradise (Track Mode) 2001 Ease Your Mind (Muse Recordings) 2001 Soundscapes & Vibes (Moods & Grooves) 2002 A Minor - Simple Pleasures (Muse Recordings) 2002 Love Inside (Nite Grooves) 2002 Shine On Me (KDJ) 2002 Nu Forms EP (Track Mode) 2003 Choose To Believe (Mahogani Music) 2003 Clouds Are Gone (Deeper Soul) 2005 Prelude To A Motion EP (Atal) avec Boddhi Satva 2006 Possibilities (R2 Records) avec Lady Linn 2007 Inner8 Remixes (Clone) 2008 Full Circle (Yore Records) 2008 In Flight (Yore Records) 2008 Different Hours Revisited (Yore Records) avec Andy Vaz 2008 Play The Game / Time On 2 (ProgCity Deep) 2009 Seeing Sound (Seasons Limited) 2009 When The Morning Comes (Superb Entertainment Records) avec Amp Fiddler 2010 Choice Cuts / Selected Works 1991-2009 Vol.4 (Inner Muse) 2010 Can't Hide It (ProgCity Deep) 2010 Beautiful (Mixed Signals Music) 2011 Something 4 You - The Pirahnahead Remixes (Whasdat Music) 2012 Ngizo Ku Linda (Moods & Grooves) avec Bantu Soul 2014 More Funky Shit (Orange Records)


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