alpha Kappa Delta Phi (αΚΔΦ) (also known as aKDPhi) is an Asian-interest[2] sorority founded at the University of California, Berkeley.[2] alpha Kappa Delta Phi is part of the National APIA Panhellenic Association (NAPA), which it helped charter in 2006. alpha Kappa Delta Phi currently has 55 chapters in North America, and is the largest Asian-American interest sorority in the United States and Canada.


alpha Kappa Delta Phi was established at the University of California at Berkeley in the Fall of 1989 and recognized by the College Panhellenic Association on February 7, 1990. There were fourteen founding sisters: Betty Chu, Karin Co, Susan Kim, Nancy Lee, Sherri Leung, Annie Loo, Belinda Ma, Anita Ng, Serene Ngin, Fannie Pon, Josie Sun, Daisy Wu, Jill Yoshimura and Reina Yuan, and they "dedicated themselves to establishing a strong and lasting organization which would provide Asian American women the opportunity to participate in the Greek system".[2] The National Alumnae Board of alpha Kappa Delta Phi was established in the Fall of 2002 under the initiation of the National Board Alumnae Chair, Sophia Yen, a UC Berkeley alumna.[2]

Asian Awareness

alpha Kappa Delta Phi promotes Asian Awareness, one of its founding principles, by encouraging its members to be constantly aware of and involved in Asian American issues in their communities. Chapters host events such as forums, presentations, and workshops. Many of these events take place during May, which is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.[citation needed]


alpha Kappa Delta Phi's national philanthropy is the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade which supports breast cancer awareness.[3][4][5]

alpha Kappa Delta Phi's breast cancer awareness campaign began in 1998, and its exclusive partnership with Avon began 2010.[3] The sorority hosts breast cancer awareness banquets, information sessions, workshops, and discussion groups. In 2006, the sorority raised over $30,000 as a national organization for breast cancer awareness.[citation needed] In 2008, the sorority raised and donated over $35,000.[citation needed] In 2012, the sorority raised and donated over $62,000.[6] In 2016, the sorority raised and donated over $102,000, hitting the half of a million mark in terms of the total dollar amount donated to the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade since the start of their partnership in 2010.


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