Alpha Gamma Delta (ΑΓΔ) is an international women's fraternity, founded on May 30, 1904, at Syracuse University. The fraternity promotes academic excellence, philanthropic giving, ongoing leadership and personal development and above all, a spirit of loving sisterhood.[1] Also known as "Alpha Gam", Alpha Gamma Delta's current membership exceeds 189,000. There are currently 194 collegiate chapters and more than 250 alumnae clubs.[2]

Alpha Gamma Delta's International Headquarters is located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The longest running active collegiate chapter is Delta Chapter at the University of Minnesota. However, since its reestablishment in 2010, the oldest active collegiate chapter is the Alpha Chapter at Syracuse University.

Alpha Gamma Delta is a member of the Syracuse Triad along with Gamma Phi Beta and Alpha Phi.[3]


Alpha Gamma Delta was officially founded on May 30, 1904, at the home of Dr. Wellesley Perry Coddington, a professor at Syracuse University who was instrumental in the early development of Alpha Gamma Delta. At this time the constitution and bylaws were read and adopted, suggestions for The Ritual were made, the Badge was first worn and Jennie Titus was elected President.

The Fraternity's 11 Founders were: Ethel Evelyn Brown Distin, Flora Knight Mayer, Georgia Alberta Dickover, Estelle Shepard Beswick, Emily Helen Butterfield, Edith MacConnell Hickok, Georgia Otis Chipman, Grace Mosher Harter, Mary Louise Snider, Jennie Titus Smith Morris and Marguerite Shepard.

The intent behind Alpha Gamma Delta's founding differs from other groups because it was founded to become a National Women's Fraternity rather than a local group or literary society.

The organization's official designation as a fraternity rather than a sorority derives from an early advisor who noted that soror is a Latin word with no connection to the Greek traditions cited by many collegiate social groups like Alpha Gamma Delta.[1] Many other Greek-letter organizations for women likewise refer to themselves as fraternities, though—in the collective sense—are generally called "sororities."[4]


Alpha Gamma Delta recognizes the following symbols:

The original mascot was given the name Skiouros—chosen by Gamma chapter in 1915—with the following explanation:

"In the days when Gamma first made the triple colors of red, buff, and green her own, some of her energetic number sought a mascot to symbolize the characteristics of the colors and progress of Alpha Gamma Delta. In the autumn tints, so beautifully dear to us, they received the suggestion, and the little squirrel, typical frequenter of autumn haunts, was chosen as the mascot. Our little friend, we find, is also nimble and agile—he leaps from branch to branch and accomplishes such progress to symbolize the spirit that never dies, the spirit of energetic alertness and progress."


Alpha Gamma Delta's official philanthropy fighting hunger through the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation. Created in 1962, the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation makes grants to organizations and individuals fighting hunger in the U.S. and Canada, as well as supports members through scholarships, grants, wellness programs, leadership training and other educational opportunities.[5]

Collegiate and alumnae members support the philanthropic focus through fundraising for the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation and by volunteering with organizations whose mission is to fight hunger in local communities. Alpha Gamma Delta became partners with Feeding America and Meals on Wheels America in 2017. Alpha Gamma Delta’s philanthropic campaign is “Full Plates. Hearts. Minds.” which focuses on providing meals for those who are hungry, hope for those dealing with hunger and creating awareness about hunger insecurity.[6]


Alpha Gamma Delta provides opportunities for personal development through the spirit of sisterhood:[7]

  • Support lifelong learning as a means to gain understanding and wisdom.
  • Promote the value of fraternal membership and commitment to higher education.
  • Help prepare members to contribute to the world's work.
  • Advocate lifetime involvement in Alpha Gamma Delta.
  • Inspire the woman. Impact the world.

Its vision is "Live with Purpose."[7]

Notable alumnae

Fraternity Housing Corporation

The Alpha Gamma Delta Fraternity Housing Corporation (FHC) was formed in 2010 to provide student housing for members of Alpha Gamma Delta. Today, the FHC provides property management services to more than 85 Alpha Gamma Delta chapters and 100+ staff members in the headquarters office and in local chapters across the country.


Alpha Gamma Delta has 113 active collegiate chapters across North America.

List of Alpha Gamma Delta chapters

In 1959 at the 22nd international convention, Alpha Gamma Delta absorbed Theta Sigma Upsilon.[12] Thirteen Chapters were added to Alpha Gamma Delta from this merger.[13]

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