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Almon may refer to:


* Almon (surname) * Almon (given name)


Almon, Mateh Binyamin Almon ( he, עַלְמוֹן), also known as Anatot ( he, עֲנָתוֹת), is an Israeli settlement organized as a community settlement in the West Bank. Located near Jerusalem, it falls under the jurisdiction of the Mateh Binyamin Regional Cou ...
, Israel, a settlement in the West Bank * Almon, Georgia, United States, an unincorporated community * Almon, Wisconsin, United States, a town ** Almon (community), Wisconsin, an unincorporated community


* Any tree species of the genus ''
Shorea Fruit of a ''Shorea'' species ''Shorea'' is a genus of about 196 species of mainly rainforest trees in the family Dipterocarpaceae. The genus is named after Sir John Shore, the governor-general of the British East India Company, 1793–1798. Th ...
'' * Almon, in Roman mythology a river that was the parent of
Larunda Larunda (also Larunde, Laranda, Lara) was a naiad nymph, daughter of the river Almo in Ovid's '' Fasti''.Ovid, '' Fasti 2''V. 599 Mythology The only known mythography attached to Lara is little, late and poetic, coming to us from Ovid's ''Fas ...
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