The Info List - Allidiostomatinae

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Idiostomatinae Arrow, 1904

ALLIDIOSTOMATINAE is a subfamily of beetles in the scarab beetle family, Scarabaeidae
. It is distributed in southern South America. Of the 10 species, 7 are endemic to Argentina
. Others can also be found in Chile
and Peru

Little is known about the biology of these beetles.

The subfamily was made up of the single genus Allidiostoma until 2009, when a second was erected for the new species Parallidiostoma tricornum.

Genera and species include:

* Allidiostoma

* Allidiostoma bosqui * Allidiostoma halffteri * Allidiostoma hirtum * Allidiostoma landbecki * Allidiostoma monrosmuntanolae * Allidiostoma ramosae * Allidiostoma rufum * Allidiostoma simplicifrons * Allidiostoma strobeli

* Parallidiostoma

* Parallidiostoma tricornum


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