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Idiostomatinae Arrow, 1904

Allidiostomatinae is a subfamily of beetles in the scarab beetle family, Scarabaeidae. It is distributed in southern South America. Of the 10 species, 7 are endemic to Argentina. Others can also be found in Chile and Peru.[1] Little is known about the biology of these beetles.[2] The subfamily was made up of the single genus Allidiostoma until 2009, when a second was erected for the new species Parallidiostoma tricornum.[1] Genera and species include:


Allidiostoma bosqui Allidiostoma halffteri Allidiostoma hirtum Allidiostoma landbecki Allidiostoma monrosmuntanolae Allidiostoma ramosae Allidiostoma rufum Allidiostoma simplicifrons Allidiostoma strobeli


Parallidiostoma tricornum[1]


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