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Alireza Nourizadeh (Persian: علیرضا نوری‌زاده‎, born 24 June 1949 in Tehran[1]) is an Iranian scholar, literary figure, journalist, political activist and an expert on Iranian contemporary history.


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Career[edit] Nourizadeh is a political refugee from Iran. After fleeing to the United Kingdom, he obtained his PhD from the University of London in International Relations. He is a monarchist. Nourizadeh himself has been active in the Iranian journalistic milieu since 1967. Before Iranian Revolution, he was editor of Ettela'at,[2] a strongly pro-Shah Iranian newspaper. After Ali-Reza Pahlavi, youngest son of the Shah, killed himself in 2011 in Boston, Nourizadeh called it "a tragedy for the Iranian people".[2] He is a senior researcher and director at the Centre for Arab & Iranian Studies strongly opposed to the Islamic Republic of Iran.[3] Nourizadeh is also a correspondent for Deutsche Welle a Political Commentator for the radio channel Voice of America, a senior writer for the London-based Saudi-owned newspaper Al-Sharq Al-Awsat. In June 2013, three days after Hassan Rouhani was elected as President of Iran, Israeli news website Ynetnews reported Nourizadeh's claim that Rouhani's son "committed suicide in protest at his father's close connection with Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei".[4] Personal life[edit] Nourizadeh is also the father of director Nima Nourizadeh, director of the 2012 film Project X and the 2015 film American Ultra, and electronic music producers Omid 16B and Navid.[5] See also[edit]

Chain murders of Iran


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