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Alias the Deacon is a 1928 silent film produced and released by Universal Pictures. Based on a stage play of the same name, it was directed by Edward Sloman
Edward Sloman
and is preserved at the Library of Congress Packard Campus for Audio-Visual Conservation.[1][2] Cast[edit]

Jean Hersholt
Jean Hersholt
- George Caswell or The Deacon June Marlowe
June Marlowe
- Phyllis/Mrs. Nancy Blythe Ralph Graves
Ralph Graves
- Jim Adams Myrtle Stedman
Myrtle Stedman
- Mrs. Betsy Clark Lincoln Plumer
Lincoln Plumer
- John Cunningham Ned Sparks - Slim Sullivan Tom Kennedy - Bull Moran Maurice Murphy - Willie Clark George West - George


Wilson Benge
Wilson Benge
- Minister Walter Brennan
Walter Brennan
- Cashier at Cunningham's Rink Joseph W. Girard
Joseph W. Girard
- Sheriff of Morton County Annabelle Magnus - Nancy as a Child George Periolat
George Periolat
- Giuseppi Padroni aka Tony the Dip


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