Ali Bunow Korane


Ali Bunow Korane is the Counties of Kenya, Governor of Garissa County, Kenya. He assumed the office in August 2017 as the 2nd incumbent governor of Garissa after the 2017 general. Ali Korane was born in Balambala Constituency, Balambala, Garissa County, Garissa, he is from a Somali Muslim family. He obtained his Bachelor and Masters of Art in International Studies and Diplomacy both from the Washington University in St. Louis, Washington University. Ali Korane joined the Kenya Army as 2nd Lieutenant and was posted to 50 Air Cavalry battalion of the army. He was later trained as a helicopter pilot on the MD 500 Tank Destroyer.

Administrative and Politics

After retirement from the army he joined the Provincial Administration where he later served as a Permanent Secretary in three various Ministries, the Ministry of Tourism and Information, Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Sports. Ali Korane was also the special envoy- Horn of Africa in 2010 after he was assigned the post by President Uhuru Kenyatta to coordinate peace in the country.


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