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Alfredo is a cognate of the Germanic name Alfred and a common Italian, Galician, Portuguese and Spanish language
Spanish language
personal name that may refer to:

Alfredo Armas Alfonzo
Alfredo Armas Alfonzo
(1921–1990), Venezuelan writer Alfredo Alonso, Cuban-born media executive with Clear Channel Radio Alfredo Azancot
Alfredo Azancot
(1872-?), Chilean-based Portuguese architect Alfredo Baldomir
Alfredo Baldomir
(1884–1948), President of Uruguay, soldier and architect Alfredo Baquerizo
Alfredo Baquerizo
(1859–1951), President of Ecuador Alfredo Binda
Alfredo Binda
(1902–1986), Italian world champion cyclist Alfredo Bryce
Alfredo Bryce
(born 1939), Peruvian writer Alfredo Casella
Alfredo Casella
(1883–1947), Italian composer, pianist and conductor Alfredo Casero (born 1962), Argentine musician, actor and comedian Alfredo Catalani
Alfredo Catalani
(1854–1893), Italian operatic composer Alfredo Cristiani
Alfredo Cristiani
(born 1947), President of El Salvador (1989-1994) Alfredo Di Stéfano
Alfredo Di Stéfano
(1926–2014), Argentine footballer and coach Alfredo Gonzalez (other) Alfredo Jahn
Alfredo Jahn
(1867–1940), Venezuelan civil engineer, botanist and geographer Alfredo Kraus
Alfredo Kraus
(1927–1999), Spanish operatic tenor Alfredo Lucero (born 1979), Argentine cyclist Alfred Molina
Alfred Molina
(born 1953), English-American actor born Alfredo Molina Alfredo Mostarda Filho (born 1946), Brazilian footballer Alfredo Ovando Candía
Alfredo Ovando Candía
(1918–1982), Bolivian president and dictator and general Al Pacino
Al Pacino
(born 1940), American actor Alfredo Palacio
Alfredo Palacio
(born 1939), President of Ecuador (2005–2007) Alfredo Palacios
Alfredo Palacios
(1880–1965), Argentine politician Alfredo Pérez (boxer) (born 1952), Venezuelan retired boxer Alfredo Ramos (1924–2012), Brazilian footballer Alfredo Oscar Saint-Jean
Alfredo Oscar Saint-Jean
(1926–1987), Argentine Army major general and politician, President of Argentina in 1982 Alfredo dos Santos (1920–1997), Brazilian footballer Alfredo Shahanga (born 1965), Tanzanian retired long-distance runner Alfredo Stroessner
Alfredo Stroessner
(1912–2006), President of Paraguay (1954-1989) and general Alfredo Torero (1930–2004), Peruvian anthropologist Alfredo Toro Hardy
Alfredo Toro Hardy
(born 1950), Venezuelan author, diplomat and public intellectual Alfredo Zayas y Alfonso
Alfredo Zayas y Alfonso
(1861–1934), Cuban lawyer, poet and President of Cuba (1921-1925)

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