The Info List - Aleksey Zhuravlyov (politician)

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Aleksey Aleksandrovich Zhuravlyov (born 30 June 1962, Voronezh) is a Russian politician, deputy of the State Duma. Since 29 September 2016 he is chairman of the party Rodina.[1][2] Biography[edit] Zhuvalyov was born 30 June 1962 in Voronezh in Soviet Union. In 1984 he graduated from Voronezh Polytechnic Institute majoring in "Physics of Metals". In 2004 he graduated from the Russian Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation. In 2001-2004 Zhuravlev is an authorized representative of the governor of the Voronezh Oblast Vladimir Kulakov in the Oblast Duma.[1] In 2006–2007 he participated in the preparations for the creation of the party Great Russia led by Dmitry Rogozin.[1] From 2009 to 2011, was an advisor to the governor of the Voronezh Oblast Alexey Gordeyev. In 2011, the results of the primaries has been nominated as a candidate for deputy of the State Duma of the All-Russia People's Front for the party list of United Russia. In the elections, he was elected to the 6th State Duma.[3] On 29 September 2012, at the founding convention of the party Rodina Zhuravlev was elected as its chairman, while retaining his membership in the faction United Russia in the State Duma.[1] In the 2016 parliamentary election, he headed the party list of the Rodina, and ran through Anna's Constituency. The party list of the Rodina did not overcome the 5% electoral threshold, however, won in his constituency. In the State Duma of the 7th convocation did not join any of the factions. References[edit]

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