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Alborz College (in Persian:دبیرستان البرز), is a college preparatory high school located in the heart of Tehran, Iran. It is one of the first modern high schools in Asia and Middle East, built by Americans, named after the Alborz mountain range north of Tehran. Its place in the shaping of Iran's intellectual elite compares with that of Eton College in England and institutions such as Phillips Academy, Phillips Exeter Academy, and Milton Academy in the United States.[1]


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History[edit] The school was founded as an elementary school in 1873 by a group of American missionaries led by James Bassett. This was in the 26th year of the reign of Nasereddin Shah Qajar, 22 years after Amir Kabir founded the Dar ul-Funun school in Tehran, and 33 years before the Constitutional Revolution in Persia (as it was known back then; later it became "Iran" during the Reza Shah Era). When Dr. Samuel Jordan arrived in Persia in 1898, he instituted change; subsequently, Alborz became a 12-year elementary and secondary school, with its share of college courses. Thereafter, the institution came to be known as the American College of Tehran.[2] Dr. Jordan remained president of Alborz for 42 years (1899–1940). During his tenure, Alborz grew from an elementary school to a high school and college. In 1932, the school received a permanent charter from the Board of Regents of the State University of New York. In 1940 and during World War II, by the order of Shah Reza Pahlavi, Alborz was removed from American management and placed under the auspices of the Iranian Ministry of Education as part of Reza Shah's modernization reforms. The school's name was changed from "College" back to "Alborz", and it was reinstated as a high school. In 1944, Professor Mohammad Ali Mojtahedi, member of University of Tehran's faculty, was appointed as the president of Alborz. From then until 1979, and continuing after the Iranian Revolution, Alborz had the most successful period of its history.

Alborz High School entrance

Main building in 2007

McCormick Hall, American College of Tehran, circa 1930. The school received a permanent charter from the Board of Regents of the State University of New York in 1932.[2]

Dr. Mohammad Ali Mojtahedi

Alborz staff (pre 1979 Revolution era)

Newly constructed building

Alborz Principals/Deans[edit]

Mr.Howard (1873-1889) Dr.Samuel M.Jordan (1899-1940) Mr.Mohammad Vahid Tonekaboni (1940-1941) Mr.Mohsen Haddad (1941) Mr.Ali Mohammad Partovi (1941-1942) Mr.Hasan Zoghi (1942-1943) Mr.Lotf Ali Sooratgar (1943-1944) Dr.Mohammad Ali Mojtahedi (1944-1978) Mr.Hossein Khoshnevisan (1978-1979) Mr.Hasan Pour Zahed (1979-1980) Mr.Naser Naseri (1980-1981) Mr.Ismael Sadegh Kazemi (1981-1985) Mr.Rajab Ali Yasipour (1985-1986) Mr.Naser Molla Asadollah (1986) Mr.Ali Mazarei (1986-1988) Mr.Abbas Feiz (1988-1989) Mr.Hossein Khoshnevisan (1989-1991) Mr.Bagher Dezfulian (1991-1997) Mr.Mahmoud Dastani (1998-1999) Mr.Valiollah Sanaye (1999-2007) Dr.Mazaher Hami Kargar (2007-2011) Dr.Abeth Esfandiar (2011-2012) Mr.Mohammad Mohammadi (2012–Present)

Notable Alborz Deans[edit]

Dr. Mahmoud Behzad

Notable alumni[edit] Politicians[edit]

Dariush Homayoon (1928-2011), minister of Information and Tourism Parviz C. Radji (1936-2014), Iranian ambassador to the United Kingdom Abdul Rahman Ghassemlou (1930-1989), Kurdish political activist Mostafa Chamran (1932-1981), minister of National Defence and chief of Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) Hassan-Ali Mehran (1937- ) - minister of Economic and Financial Affairs Mostafa Mirsalim (1947- ), minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Alireza Nourizadeh (1949- ), journalist and political activist Mansoor Hekmat (1951-2002), political activist Ali Javadi (1953- ), political activist Tahmasb Mazaheri (1953- ), minister of Economic and Financial Affairs Mohsen Sazegara (1955- ), journalist and political activist Reza Moridi, politician Amir Farshad Ebrahimi (1975- ), political activist

Military Personnel[edit]

Mohammad Amir Khatam (1918-1975) - commander in chief of Imperial Iranian Air Force (IIAF) (1958–75)


Abolghasem Bakhtiar (1871-1970), professor of medical science Solayman Haïm (1887-1970), lexicographer and translator Mohsen Assadi (1895-1966), lawyer Manouchehr Sotoudeh (1913- ) - professor of geography Zeynolabedin Motamen (1914-2005), author and poet Mahmoud Behzad (1914-2007), professor of biology Sadeq Chubak (1916-1998), author Mahmoud Sanaei (1918-1985), poet and translator Ahmad Samiei (1919- ), author and translator Javad Sheikholeslami (1921-2000), historian Lotfi A. Zadeh (1921- ), mathematician and professor of computer science Mohammad Jafar Mahjoub (1924-1996), author and translator Harutioun Davidian (1924-2009), psychologist Abdollah Anvar (1924- ), translator Homayoun Sanaatizadeh (1925-2009), author, translator and entrepreneur Mohammad-Ali Eslami Nodooshan (1925- ), poet and author Ali Javan (1926-2016), physicist Bijan Jalali (1927-2009) - poet Manuchehr Jamali (1928-2012), philosopher and poet Mohammad Qahraman (1929-2013), poet Morteza Anvari (1931-2010), professor of computer science Jamshid Giunashvili (1931-2017), linguist, Iranologist, diplomat, author and researcher Mehdi Zarghamee, professor of computer science Rustom Voskanian (1932-2013), architect Morteza Kotobi (1932- ), professor of psychology Mehdi Bahadori (1933 - ), professor of mechanical engineering Rahim Rahmanzadeh (1934- ), surgeon Firouz Partovi (1936- ), physicist Dariush Ashoori (1938- ), author and translator Iraj Kaboli (1938- ), author and translator Paris Moayedi (1938- ), entrepreneur Edward Zohrabian (1939- ), architect Hossein Amanat (1942- ), architect Homayoun Katouzian (1942- ), historian and political scientist Saeed Sohrabpour(1943- ), professor of mechanical engineering Foad Rafii (1947- ), architect Hesameddin Arfaei (1947- ), professor of physics Mehrdad Abedi (1948- ), professor of electrical engineering Caro Lucas (1949-2010), scientist Abbas Edalat, professor of computer sciences Ali Parsa (1951- ), translator Houchang E. Chehabi (1954- ), professor of international relations and history Homayoun Manafi-Khosroshahi (1965-), Rhinoplasty surgeon Bahram Mobasher (1958- ), professor of cosmology Cumrun Vafa (1960- ), string theorist Farzad Nazem (1960- ), former CTO of Yahoo!. Houman Younessi (1963- ), professor of computer science Kamyar Kalantar-Zadeh (1963- ), scientist and physician Kourosh Kalantar-zadeh (1971- ), scientist and inventor Sina Behmanesh (1969- ), poet Mehdi Yahyanejad, entrepreneur Hossein Gharib, MD (1940- ), professor at Mayo Clinic, Past President of AACE & ATA Ramin Golestanian, theoretical physicist David and Paul Merage, entrepreneurs and philanthropists Freydoon Shahidi, (1947- ), Mathematician Parviz Kermani, (1947- ), Computer Scientist and Academician/ IBM Research & Professor Manoochehr Shahabi, (1935- ), Psychiatrist Asghar Rastegar, MD, (1941-), Professor of Medicine, Director of Global Health Program, Co-Director, Yale-Stanford Global Health Scholar Program, Yale School of Medicine, Chief, Fitkin Firm, YNHH Arya Mani, Professor of Medicine and of Genetics


Homayoun Khorram (1930-2013) - musician Hossein Mahjoubi (1930- ), painter Jamshid Mashayekhi (1934- ), actor Khosrow Sinai (1941- ), film director Siavash Ghomeishi (1945- ), musician, singer and song writer Amir Parvin Hosseini (1967- ), film producer Behzad Abdi (1973- ), musucian


Abbas Ekrami (1915-2001), football manager

Media Figures[edit]

Adel Ferdosipour (1974- ), football commentator [3]

See also[edit]

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