Alberto is the
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Latin Latin (, or , ) is a classical language belonging to the Italic languages, Italic branch of the Indo-European languages. Latin was originally spoken in the area around Rome, known as Latium. Through the power of the Roman Republic, it became the ...
ized form (''Albertus'') of
'' Albert''. It is used in Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. The diminutive is ''Albertito'' in Spanish or ''Albertico'' in some parts of Latin America, and Albertino in Italian. It derives from the name Adalberto which in turn derives from '' Athala'' (meaning noble) and ''Berth'' (meaning bright).Origin and Meaning of Alberto


* Alberto Aguilar Leiva (born 1984), Spanish footballer * Alberto Airola (born 1970), Italian politician * Alberto Ascari (1918–1955), Italian racing driver * Alberto Bello (1897–1963), Argentine actor * Alberto Beneduce (1877–1944), Italian scientist and economist * Alberto Bustani Adem (born 1954), Mexican engineer * Alberto Callaspo (born 1983,) baseball player * Alberto Campbell-Staines (born 1993), Australian athlete with an intellectual disability * Alberto Cavalcanti (1897–1982), Brazilian film producer * Alberto Cerri (born 1996), Italian footballer * Alberto Cifuentes (born 1979), Spanish footballer, known as "Alberto" * Alberto Clò (born 1947), Italian businessman and politician * Alberto Contador (born 1982), Spanish cyclist * Alberto Cortez (born 1940), Argentine musician * Alberto Costa (British politician) (born 1971) * Alberto Costa (Portuguese politician) (born 1947) * Alberto Domínguez (composer) (1913–1975), Mexican composer and marimbist * Alberto Edjogo-Owono (born 1984), Equato-guinean footballer, known as "Alberto" * Alberto Escassi (born 1989), Spanish footballer * Alberto Espinoza Barrón, Mexican drug trafficker * Alberto Estrella (born 1962), Mexican actor * Alberto Fabra (born 1964), Spanish politician * Alberto Fanesi (born 1948), Argentine football manager * Alberto Fernández (born 1959), Argentine politician, President of Argentina, president since December 2019 * Alberto Fernández (cyclist) (1955–1984), Spanish cyclist * Alberto Franceschini (born 1947), Italian terrorist * Alberto Franchetti (1860–1942), Italian composer * Alberto Frison (born 1988), Italian footballer * Alberto Fujimori (born 1938), President of Peru * Alberto García (athlete) (born 1971), Spanish long distance and cross-country runner * Alberto Giacometti (1901–1966), Swiss sculptor, painter, draughtsman, and printmaker * Alberto Gianni (1891–1930), Italian underwater diver * Alberto Gilardino (born 1982), Italian footballer * Alberto Ginastera (1916–1983), Argentine composer * Alberto Gonzales (born 1955), American politician * Alberto González (baseball) (born 1983), Venezuelan baseball player * Alberto Grimaldi (1925–2021), Italian film producer * Alberto Loddo (born 1979), former Italian cyclist * Alberto Lopo (born 1980), footballer * Alberto Lora (born 1987), Spanish footballer * Alberto Losada (born 1982), Spanish cyclist * Alberto Magnelli, Italian artist * Alberto Martín (born 1978), Spanish tennis player * Alberto Martínez (footballer, born 1950) (1950–2009), Uruguayan footballer * Alberto Martínez Díaz (born 1962), Spanish footballer * Alberto Miguel (born 1977), Spanish basketball player * Alberto Mondi (born 1984), Italian television personality and businessman active in South Korea * Alberto Moreno (footballer), Spanish footballer * Alberto Naranjo (born 1941), Venezuelan musician * Alberto Oliart (1928–2021), Spanish politician * Alberto Martinez Piedra (born 1926), Cuban-American professor * Alberto Palatchi, Spanish billionaire * Alberto Pullicino (1719–1759), Maltese painter * Alberto Marcos Rey (born 1969), Spanish footballer, known as "Alberto" * Alberto Del Rio (born 1977), Mexican wrestler * Alberto Rivera (activist), American and anti-Catholic publisher * Alberto Romualdez, Filipino politician and doctor * Alberto Salazar (born 1958), American track coach and long-distance runner * Alberto Santos-Dumont, (1873–1932), Brazilian aviation pioneer * Alberto Sordi, (1920–2003), Italian actor * Alberto Tomba (born 1966), former World Cup alpine ski racer from Italy, dominant technical skier (slalom and giant slalom) in the late 1980s and 1990s * Alberto van Klaveren (born 1948), Dutch-born Chilean diplomat and lawyer * Alberto Yarini (1882–1910), Cuban pimp * Alberto Zedda (born 1928), Italian conductor

Fictional characters

* Captain Alberto Bertorelli, Alberto Bertorelli, a character in the BBC sitcom '''Allo 'Allo!'' * List of Arthur characters#Alberto Molina, Alberto Molina, from the TV series ''Arthur (TV series), Arthur''

Other uses

* "Alberto (Upstairs, Downstairs), Alberto," an ''Upstairs, Downstairs'' episode * ''Alberto'', a comic made by Fundamentalist Christianity, fundamentalist Jack Chick about a man called Alberto Rivera (activist), Alberto Rivera who claimed to be an ex-Jesuit priest * Hurricane Alberto (disambiguation), Hurricane Alberto, a name given to several hurricanes * Alberto-Culver, American cosmetics company

See also

* Albert * Albert (surname) * Albertus (given name) * Albertet, an Occitan diminutive of Albert * Adalbert (name) * Berto (disambiguation)


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