__NOTOC__ Robert Alastair Hannay (born 2 June 1932) is professor emeritus at the University of Oslo.The University of Oslo – Department of Philosophy, Classics, History of Arts and Ideas: Robert Alastair Hannay, Professor Emeritus
/ref> Educated in Edinburgh and London, where he studied under A. J. Ayer and and since 1961 resident in Norway. Hannay has written extensively on the writings of Søren Kierkegaard. His book "The Public" (2004) as well as examining the roles of the 'public' as audience and political participant, brings several Kierkegaardian insights to bear on contemporary political life. Hannay has written a novella (2020) and several pocket books on philosophical themes, as well as a memoir (2020). From 2006 to 2020 he was a member of the team translating Kierkegaard's complete journals and notebooks.



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