Al Ghurair (Arabic:الغرير), also known as Al Ghurair Investment LLC, was established in 1960. Al Ghurair is one of the largest diversified family business grouops in the Middle East, with six key business units: Foods, Resources, Properties, Construction, Energy and Ventures, including Auto Servicing & Trading
AG Auto

Printing & PublishingInternational Exchange
Retail and Education (Al Ghurair University an
Dar Al Marefa


Al Ghurair Foods was established in 1976 through the creation of National Flour Mills. The entity focuses on a diversified portfolio of food products. In 2011 Al Ghurair Foods had a market presence in 20 countries over 4 continents. Jenan is Al Ghurair Foods' principal brand offering products that include flour, pasta, edible oils, animal nutrition, fibers & livestock feeds, mono-gastric feeds and premixes. In 2010 plans were announced to open a new factory in Jebel Ali, Dubai to explore export opportunities primarily in Indonesia and Japan. In 2011 Al Ghurair earned the "Best Health Education Initiative" at the Gulfood Awards.

Agricultural raw material (resources)

Al Ghurair Resources provides manufacturers and traders in the Food and Biofuel industries with their agricultural raw material requirement such as: * Grainwheat, maize, rice, pulses, and barley * Proteinsoybean meal, canola meal and soybean hulls * Oil – crude and refined canola oil, soya bean oil, sunflower oil, corn oil and refined palm oils * Pulses – Bulk Pulses (Yellow Chick Peas Split, Red Lentils) & Packed Pulses (Red Lentils, Red Kidney Beans, White Kidney Beans & Chick Peas Split) * Fiberbran, oaten hay, and alfalfa.


Al Ghurair Construction was founded in the 60's and focuses on aluminium, foundations, masonry and readymix. Projects associated with this entity include Burj Khalifa, Fairmont Hotel, Emirates Towers, BurJuman, Dubai Metro, Etisalat, Kempinski Hotel and Dubai Roads and Transport Authority.


Al Ghurair Properties focuses on mixed use, commercial, hospitality and residential real estate projects. Al Ghurair Centre, a development consisting of shopping, residential and commercial markets is a project associated with the group. The commercial properties division focuses on offices, warehouse and factory facilities. Retail Initiative develops and manages retail properties and the hospitality portfolio, including both hotel and apartment properties.


Al Ghurair’s Energy initiative is a partnership between TRASTA Energy and Libyan National Oil Corp (LNOC). Al Ghurair reportedly has a share ownership of 220,000 bpd and the initiative has been operating at the Ras Lanuff Refinery since January 2008 under the name Libyan Emirates Oil Refining Co. (LERCO). The focus is on refined products of kerosene, naphtha, gas oil and fuel oil. It is reported that plans are in place to further build another refinery in the region along with the full establishment of a marketing and trading entity, though this is yet to be confirmed.

Auto Servicing & Trading

Printing & Publishing

Al Ghurair Printing & Publishing was established in 1978 and focuses on printing and publishing projects. The services include designing, prepress, production, binding & finishing, Quality control and logistics.


Al Ghurair Retail LLC operates 60 stores in 3 countries for the brands Springfield and THEFACESHOP. The retail distribution and warehousing facility is located in Dubai.


Dar Al Marefa and Al Ghurair University are educational institutions associated with the group. Dar Al Marefa is a school based in Dubai. The school provides a bilingual curriculum with the syllabi covering social, physical and academic development. Al Ghurair University (AGU), based in Dubai, is a private higher educational institution that focuses on accredited bachelor degree programmes for students.

Charity and Initiatives

In 2011 Al Ghurair supported UNICEF's relief efforts in Somalia by providing financial assistance and food donations."Al Ghurair supports UNICEF's relief efforts in Somalia"


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