Al-Hasakah (Arabic: ٱلْحَسَكَة‎‎, romanizedal-Ḩasakah,[1] Kurdish: Heseke, حەسیچە‎,[2][3][4] Syriac: ܚܣܝܟܐ‎,[5]) also known as Al-Hasakeh, Al-Hasaka or simply Hasakah, is the capital city of the Al-Hasakah Governorate, in the northeastern corner of Syria. With a population of 188,160 residents in 2004, Al-Hasakah is among the ten largest cities in Syria and the largest in the governorate. It is the administrative center of a nahiyah ("subdistrict") consisting of 108 localities with a combined population of 251,570 in 2004.[6]

In 1992, Al-Hasakah was described as "an Arab city with a growing Kurdish population".[7] Other minorities such as Assyrians and a smaller number of Armenians also live in the area.[8][9]

Al-Hasakah is 80 kilometres (50 miles) south of the city of Qamishli. The Khabur River, a tributary of the Euphrates River, flows west-east through the city. The Jaghjagh River flows into the Khabur from the north at Al-Hasakah. A portion of the city is a Syrian government-controlled enclave, comprising the city center and various government buildings, with the rest of the city (and the surrounding countryside) controlled by the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria.[10]

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