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Ajellomyces capsulatus Ajellomyces crescens

Ajellomyces is a genus of fungi in the division Ascomycota, in the family Ajellomycetaceae.[2] The genus contains two species, which have a widespread distribution, especially in tropical areas.[3] The species Ajellomyces capsulatus is significant to human health as the causative agent of histoplasmosis.[4] This species is more usually referred to as Histoplasma capsulatum, with the designation Ajellomyces capsulatus referring to the ascomycetous perfect stage.[5] References[edit]

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Wd: Q4699706 EoL: 22939 EPPO: 1AJELG Fungorum: 104 GBIF: 2588641 MycoBank: 104 NCBI: 5036

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