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Air Raid Wardens is a 1943 Laurel and Hardy
Laurel and Hardy
comedy film. This was the first of two films the duo made at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.


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Synopsis[edit] Set during World War II, just after Pearl Harbor, Stan (Stan Laurel) and Ollie (Oliver Hardy) try their hand at various business ventures. Their store opens and closes in various guises but without success. They finally open it as a bicycle store, but it goes bankrupt and they close it down to enlist in the army. They fail in every attempt to succeed in the military and return to their home town Huxton only to find out that their store now is open, with a man named Eustace Middling (Donald Meek) in charge, selling radios instead of bicycles. But Middling offers them to share the space in a joint venture. Stan and Ollie don't realize that Middling in fact is a German spy, using the shop as a front to cover a base for espionage on the US Military. The brothers also join the civil defense by becoming air raid wardens in Huxton. To complete their training, they have to take part in an advanced military drill, and Stan of course manages to get the wrong assignment—one that is far more complicated than they can handle. They set out on their mission, to rescue a very prominent banker, J.P. Norton (Howard Freeman), from a fire. They fail hugely with their mission, ending up burying the banker alive in a huge load of sand. Still, they are given one more chance to prove their aptitude as air raid wardens, involving the task of ensuring that all the town citizens turn off their lights at night. They get into a quarrel with one of the more troublesome inhabitants, Joe Bledsoe (Edgar Kennedy), resulting in a commotion and a rumor that spy activity is taking place in Joe's home. The boys are knocked out, and in the end they are finally dismissed from the corps altogether. When they return to their shop, they happen to overhear the spies speaking German, and follow them to a hide-out outside of town. They find out that Middling's real name is Mittelhause, and overhear him talking about blowing the town's magnesium plant to pieces with another spy, Rittenhause (Henry O'Neill). The brothers try to send a message to the civil defense, but instead they are captured by the German spies. Stan accidentally knocks out one of the spies and the boys manage to flee and alert the civil defense, who arrive at the plant just in time to stop the sabotage. Stan and Ollie also expose Middling as a German spy.[2] Cast[edit]

Stan Laurel
Stan Laurel
as Stan Oliver Hardy
Oliver Hardy
as Ollie Edgar Kennedy
Edgar Kennedy
as Joe Bledsoe Jacqueline White
Jacqueline White
as Peggy Parker Stephen McNally
Stephen McNally
as Dan Madison (as Horace McNally) Nella Walker
Nella Walker
as Millicent Norton Donald Meek
Donald Meek
as Eustace Middling Henry O'Neill
Henry O'Neill
as Rittenhause Howard Freeman
Howard Freeman
as J.P. Norton Paul Stanton as Capt. Biddle Robert Emmett O'Connor
Robert Emmett O'Connor
as Charlie Beaugart William Tannen as Joseph Russell Hicks as Maj. Scanlon Philip Van Zandt
Philip Van Zandt
as Herman Frederic Worlock as Otto Charles Coleman as Norton's Butler Don Costello
Don Costello
as Heydrich


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