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AIDONEUS (Gr. Ἀїδωνεύς) was a mythical king of the Molossians in Epirus
, who is represented as the husband of Persephone . After Theseus , with the assistance of Pirithous , concealed Helen at Aphidnae , he went to Epirus
to procure for Pirithous Kore , the daughter of Aidoneus, as a reward. When Aidoneus discovered that they had come with the intention of carrying off his daughter, he had Pirithous killed by Cerberus , and kept Theseus in captivity, who was afterwards released at the request of Heracles . Eusebius calls the wife of Aidoneus a daughter of queen Demeter , with whom he had eloped. Thus the story of Aidoneus is the legend of Hades
' rape of Persephone, in the form of a real-world history, and is undoubtedly the work of a late interpreter of ancient myths.


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