Ahmadabad Education Society is a premier educational trust, which has founded many schools and colleges in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.[1][2][3]


Ahmedabad Education Society was established in 1935.[1][4]

The society was established under the leadership of Ganesh Mavlankar, Kasturbhai Lalbhai and Amritlal Hargovindas, who pooled in their money, resources and influence under inspiration Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, who felt there was an urgent need to develop Gujarat in the education front, as an extension of freedom struggle.[4]

The society was later responsible for creation of Gujarat University in 1949, the idea for which was mooted as early as 1920 by Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Patel, Kanhaiyalal Munshi, Ganesh Mavalankar, Kasturbhai Lalbhai, Anandshankar Dhruv, Amritlal Hargovinddas and others like Barrister, C C Gandhi.[2] [5][6]

In 1937 the society started its first college named Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Arts College followed by Hargovinddas Lakshmichand College of Commerce and later went on start colleges in every field like science, commerce, pharmacy, engineering, architecture, management, etc.[6]

Later AES founded Ahmedabad University.

Institutions run by trust

At present the following institutions are being run by trust:-[4][7]


  • A.G. High School
  • K. H. Modi Kindergarten
  • S. H. Kharwala & AGPS
  • H. K. Primary Practicing School
  • A.G.Primary School
  • A.G. High School & G & D Parikh Higher Secondary School


  • AES Institute of Computer Sciences
  • Amrut Mody School of Management (Earlier AES-PGIBM)
  • B. K. Majumdar Institute of Business Administration
  • H.L. Institute of Computer Application
  • H.L. Institute of Commerce
  • L.D. Arts College
  • L.M. College of Pharmacy
  • M.G. Science College
  • A.G. Teachers College
  • School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS)


  • H.L. Center for Professional Education
  • L&P Hutheesing Visual Arts Center
  • LTM, LL, SHK & KK Shah Jarodwalal Ladies Hostel
  • Care taker of Caves of Ahmadabad.


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