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DE, de, or dE may refer to:


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Human names[edit]

De (surname), a Bengali family name de, a nobiliary particle


Dé, Mali, a commune and town in Mali De River, Mizoram, India Germany
(ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code)

.de, the ccTLD for Germany

(United States postal symbol) DE postcode area, for Derby and surrounding areas of England


De (Cyrillic)
De (Cyrillic)
(Д, д), a letter in the Cyrillic script German language
German language
(ISO 639-1 alpha-2 code) De (kana)
De (kana)
(で, デ), a Japanese hiragana/katakana de-, an English prefix conveying negation De/ye(뎌,여)- (also "Ne" or "ku'lhe"), "yes" in Korean De, the Latin word for "out" Downward entailing, a linguistic expression that denotes a monotone decreasing function


Defence Estates, an agency of the UK Ministry of Defence Desert Eagle, a large-caliber semi-automatic pistol manufactured by Magnum Research Destroyer escort
Destroyer escort
(US Navy hull classification symbol)

Science, technology, and mathematics[edit]

Desktop environment, a graphical user interface commonly based on a desktop metaphor Dextrose equivalent, the relative sweetness of sugars Diatomaceous earth, a naturally occurring, soft, siliceous sedimentary rock mineral Differential equation, an equation which derivatives of a function appear as variables Differential evolution, a method of mathematical optimization Design engineer, engineer whose specialty is in design Doctor of Engineering, a degree equivalent to a Ph.D. in engineering Dwarf elliptical galaxy (dE), in astronomy Dynamics Explorer, a NASA satellite mission Haplogroup DE (Y-DNA), a human Y-chromosome DNA haplogroup in genetics ΔE (color space)
ΔE (color space)
(dE), a mathematical measurement of the distance between two points in a Lab color space

Other uses[edit]

Condor Flugdienst, a German airline with IATA code DE De (Chinese) (德), a concept of "integrity" in Daoism and "virtue" in Confucianism Defensive end, a position in American and Canadian football Distance education, studying through a correspondence course Douwe Egberts, a coffee brand Digital Extremes, a Canadian-operated computer and video game development studio

See also[edit]

Department of Education, a common government department

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