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AFRO-AMERICAN RELIGIONS (also known as AFRICAN DIASPORIC RELIGIONS or NEW WORLD TRADITIONS) are a number of related religions that developed in the Americas in various nations of Latin America , the Caribbean , and the southern United States . They derive from traditional African religions of Africa and Native American religions , with some influence from Christianity .


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Afro-American religions involve veneration of the dead , and include a creator deity along with a pantheon of divine spirits such as the Orisha , Loa , Nkisi , and Alusi , among others. In addition to the religious syncretism of these various African traditions, many also incorporate elements of Indigenous American religion, Spiritism , Spiritualism and Christianity.




Candomblé Brazil Yoruba religion , Kongo Argentina , Colombia , Uruguay , Venezuela , United States

Umbanda Brazil Yoruba religion Argentina , Uruguay , Venezuela , United States

Quimbanda Brazil Kongo Argentina , Uruguay , United States

Santería Cuba Yoruba religion Argentina , Brazil , Colombia , Dominican Republic , Mexico , Panama , Puerto Rico , United States , Uruguay , Venezuela

Cuban Vodú Cuba Dahomean religion Dominican Republic , Puerto Rico , United States

Palo Cuba Kongo Dominican Republic , Puerto Rico , United States

Abakuá Cuba Ekpe United States Secret society of the Anaang , Efik , Ibibio , Ekoi , and Igbo peoples.

Dominican Vudú Dominican Republic Dahomean religion United States

Haitian Vodou Haiti Dahomean religion Canada , Dominican Republic , United States

Obeah Jamaica Akan religion , Odinani the Bahamas , Barbados , Belize , Dominica , Grenada , Guyana , Suriname , Trinidad and Tobago , Virgin Islands , United States Similar to Hoodoo folk magic. Derives from the Igbo 'obia' (or dibia, Igbo : _doctoring_) traditions.

Kumina Jamaica Kongo United States

Winti Suriname Akan religion Guyana , Netherlands , United States

Spiritual Baptist Trinidad and Tobago Yoruba religion the Bahamas , Barbados , Canada , Jamaica , United States

Trinidad Orisha Trinidad and Tobago Yoruba United States

Louisiana Voodoo Southern United States Dahomean religion United States

Other closely related regional faiths include:

* Puerto Rican Vudú or Sanse ( Dahomean religion , Puerto Rico ) * Comfa (mixture of Odinani , Akan religion , Kongo , and Yoruba religion and knowledge traditions, along with Indigenous American, Asian, and European elements, Guyana ) * Xangô de Recife ( Yoruba religion , Brazil ) * Xangô do Nordeste ( Yoruba religion , Brazil ) * Santo Daime (folk Catholicism and Spiritism , Brazil ) * Espiritismo (mixture of Indigenous American, African, European, and Asian beliefs, Puerto Rico ) * Hoodoo (mixture of West African, Indigenous American, and European traditions, Mississippi Delta ) * Santa Muerte (The veneration of Saint Death. A mixture of Aztec mythology, Santeria , and folk Catholicism ) Primarily in Mexico , and the United States


* Black theology


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