The Afghan Border Police (ABP) secure Afghanistan's 5,529 kilometres (3,436 mi) border with neighboring countries and all its international airports. It also administers immigration services such as checking documents of foreigners entering the country or deporting them.[1] The ABP's anti-narcotic efforts are a prominent concern to the international community at present. The ABP and other divisions of the Afghan National Police jointly patrol a 55 km-wide corridor along the entirety of Afghanistan's border, particularly the longest and porous Durand Line border in the southeast with neighboring Pakistan.


The ABP falls under the command of the Afghan National Police (ANP) which is under the administrative control of the Ministry of Interior Affairs. The ABP is headquartered in Kabul, in the nation's capital, and is commanded by a Lieutenant General. The Afghan Border Police divides command of its 23,000 Members across 6 zones to protect 14 Border Crossing Points and 5 Major Airports.

Mazar-e-Sharif (Northern Zone)

Members of the ABP search a locomotive near the Hairatan border crossing point.

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