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Charagia Walker, 1856 Phloiopsyche Scott, 1864 Oenetus Kirby, 1892 Choragia Pagenstecher, 1909 Oenetes Oke, 1953

is a genus of moths of the family Hepialidae. There are 24 described species found in Indonesia, New Guinea, New Caledonia, Australia
and New Zealand. Most species have green or blue forewings and reddish hindwings, but some are predominantly brown or white. The larvae feed in the trunks of living trees, burrowing horizontally into the trunk, then vertically down. Species[edit]

Aenetus arfaki (New Guinea) Aenetus astathes (Australia) Aenetus blackburnii - Blackburn's ghost moth (Australia) [1] Aenetus cohici (New Caledonia) [2] Aenetus crameri (New Guinea) Aenetus dulcis (Australia) [3]

Food plant: Agonis

Aenetus eugyna (New Guinea) Aenetus eximia - common ghost moth (southern Queensland
to Tasmania) [4]

Recorded food plants: Daphnandra, Dodonaea, Doryphora, Eucalyptus, Glochidion, Nothofagus, Prostanthera, Waterhousea

Aenetus hampsoni (New Guinea) Aenetus lewinii (Australia)

Recorded food plants: Casuarina, Leptospermum

Aenetus ligniveren
Aenetus ligniveren
- common splendid ghost moth (Southern Queensland to Tasmania) [5]

Recorded food plants: Acacia, Acmena, Callistemon, Dodonaea, Eucalyptus, Lantana, Leptospermum, Lophostemon, Malus, Melaleuca, Olearia, Pomaderris, Prostanthera, Rubus

Aenetus marginatus (New Guinea) Aenetus mirabilis - North Queensland
swift moth (Queensland) [6]

Food plant: Alphitonia

Aenetus montanus (Australia) [7]

Food plant: Eucalyptus

Aenetus ombraloma (Victoria)

Food plant: Eucalyptus

Aenetus ramsayi ( Queensland
and New South Wales) [8]

Recorded food plants: Diploglottis, Eucalyptus

Aenetus scotti (Australia) [9]

Recorded food plants: Daphnandra, Dendrocnide, Diploglottis, Eucalyptus, Lantana, Tetradium

Aenetus scripta
Aenetus scripta
(Australia) [10] Aenetus sordida (New Guinea) Aenetus splendens (Australia) [11]

Recorded food plants: Callicoma, Casuarina, Eugenia, Trema

Aenetus tegulatus (Indonesia, New Guinea, Queensland) [12] Aenetus tephroptilus (Australia) Aenetus toxopeusi (New Guinea) Aenetus virescens
Aenetus virescens
- puriri moth (North Island, New Zealand) [13] (New Zealand's largest native moth)

Recorded food plants: Carpodetus, Citrus, Cornus, Eucalyptus, Malus, Nothofagus, oak, Prunus, willow

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