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Adventure running is the sport of running over a variety of surfaces (dirt, road, mountain, sand, snow), generally over long distances, where the racer has to overcome nature. Challenges include river crossing, scrambling, snow, extreme high or low temperatures, and high altitudes. Whilst the origins of Adventure Running involved a non-competitive personal challenge, Adventure Running races are growing in number. The dontgetlost.ca Adventure Running series in Ontario has been running for over a decade. It is the oldest and largest series of Adventure Running races in North America. Routes are often point-to-point and scenic, a long-distance trail, or canonical for example Land's End to John O'Groats or London to Brighton. Adventure running is less known than trail running or mountain running. Adventure running is very similar to the running section from an adventure race ( which can include orienteering). Examples of adventure running events include:

Great Wall Marathon Big Five Marathon Great Tibetan Marathon Petra Marathon Polar circle marathon Rocksport Challenge The Loco Go Big Or Go Home Challenge

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