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Adrian Molina (born August 23, 1985) is an American screenwriter and storyboard artist. He has been at Pixar
since 2007, where he started as a 2D animator on Ratatouille. He later moved on to be a storyboard artist, working on Toy Story 3
Toy Story 3
and Monsters University. After writing for The Good Dinosaur, Molina started his first assignment as a screenplay writer, for Coco, and later went on to co-direct the film. Molina also illustrated the Little Golden Book for Toy Story 3.[2] A native of Northern California, he grew up in Grass Valley, CA, and he graduated from Bear River High School in 2003, to subsequently attend & graduate from the California Institute of the Arts
California Institute of the Arts
in 2007. He is of Mexican descent.[3] Filmography[edit]

Cuddlebee[4] Unicorn vs Narwhal (2006) Ratatouille[5] (2D animator) Toy Story 3[6] (storyboard artist) Monsters University[7] (storyboard artist, additional screenplay material) Party Central
Party Central
(story) The Good Dinosaur[8] (additional screenplay material) Coco[9][10] (co-director, screenplay writer, and lyricist)


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and Adrian Molina (2017)

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