The Info List - Aditya Karikala

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Aditya Karikalan or Aditya II was a Chola prince who lived in the tenth century in South India.[1] He was born in Tirukoilur and was the eldest son of Sundara Chola. He was the elder brother of Rajaraja Chola I and Kundavai.[2] He led the Chola expedition against the Pandyas and defeated the Pandya king Veerapandyan at the battle of Chevur. He killed Veerapandyan after chasing him on the banks of Vaigai river. Aditha was the co-regent and heir apparent to the Chola throne. He was planned and murdered by the associates of Veerapandyan in revenge for the defeat. Uttama Chola, the son of Gandaraditya Chola became the next Chola king.[3] The inquiry into the death was completed in the second year of Rajaraja Chola I's reign and the lands of officials involved were confiscated.[4] His death is still one of the greatest mysteries of Tamil History and is still to be resolved completely even after 1000 years. Books on Aditya Karikalan[edit] The conspiracy on his death is dealt in the popular Tamil novel Ponniyin Selvan written by Kalki. There is another book named Sangathara written by Kaalasakaram Narasimha. This book completely contradicts with Ponniyin Selvan and charges Kundavai for the murder of her own brother. References[edit]

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