''Actinopolyspora'' is a genus in the phylum
Actinomycetota The ''Actinomycetota'' (or ''Actinobacteria'') are a phylum of all gram-positive bacteria. They can be terrestrial or aquatic. They are of great economic importance to humans because agriculture and forests depend on their contributions to s ...
Bacteria Bacteria (; singular: bacterium) are ubiquitous, mostly free-living organisms often consisting of one Cell (biology), biological cell. They constitute a large domain (biology), domain of prokaryotic microorganisms. Typically a few micrometr ...


The name ''Actinopolyspora'' means "the many-spored actinomycete" (''aktis, aktinos (ἀκτίς, ἀκτῖνος)'', nominally meaning a beam, but in effect meaning an actinomycete-like bacterium, poly meaning many, spora meaning spores)


The genus contains 11 species (including basonyms and synonyms), namely * '' A. alba'' Tang et al. 2011 * '' A. algeriensis'' Meklat et al. 2013 * '' A. biskrensis'' Saker et al. 2015 * "'' A. dayingensis''" Guan et al. 2013 * '' A. erythraea'' Tang et al. 2011 * '' A. halophila'' Gochnauer ''et al''. 1975 (Approved Lists) * '' A. lacussalsi'' Guan et al. 2013 * '' A. mortivallis'' Yoshida ''et al''. 1991 * '' A. mzabensis'' Meklat et al. 2013 * '' A. righensis'' Meklat et al. 2014 * '' A. saharensis'' Meklat et al. 2013 * '' A. salinaria'' Duangmal et al. 2016 * '' A. xinjiangensis'' Guan ''et al''. 2011

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