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Corpus Juris Canonici
Corpus Juris Canonici

* Decretist
* Regulæ Juris
Regulæ Juris

* Decretals of Gregory IX

* Decretalist

* Decretum Gratiani
Decretum Gratiani
* Extravagantes
* Liber Septimus
Liber Septimus

Ancient Church Orders
Ancient Church Orders

* Didache

* The Apostolic Constitutions
Apostolic Constitutions

* Canons of the Apostles
Canons of the Apostles

Collections of ancient canons
Collections of ancient canons

* Collectiones canonum Dionysianae
Collectiones canonum Dionysianae
* Collectio canonum quadripartita
Collectio canonum quadripartita
* Collectio canonum Quesnelliana
Collectio canonum Quesnelliana
* Collectio canonum Wigorniensis
Collectio canonum Wigorniensis


* Pseudo-Isidorian Decretals
Pseudo-Isidorian Decretals
* Benedictus Deus (Pius IV)
Benedictus Deus (Pius IV)
* Contractum trinius
Contractum trinius
* Defect of Birth
Defect of Birth

Oriental law

* Code of Canons of the Eastern Churches
Code of Canons of the Eastern Churches
* Eastern Canonical Reforms of Pius XII * Nomocanon

* Archeparchy

* Eparchy

Liturgical law

* Ecclesia Dei
Ecclesia Dei
* Mysterii Paschalis
Mysterii Paschalis

* Sacrosanctum concilium
Sacrosanctum concilium

* Musicam sacram
Musicam sacram

* Summorum Pontificum
Summorum Pontificum
* Tra le sollecitudini
Tra le sollecitudini

Sacramental law

* Canon 844
Canon 844
* Ex opere operato
Ex opere operato
* Omnium in mentem * Valid but illicit
Valid but illicit

Holy Orders

* Impediment (canon law)
Impediment (canon law)

* Abstemius

* Clerical celibacy (Catholic Church) * Nullity of Sacred Ordination * Dimissorial letters * Approbation


* Apostolic Penitentiary
Apostolic Penitentiary
* Complicit absolution
Complicit absolution
* Canon penitentiary
Canon penitentiary
* Internal forum * Paenitentiale Theodori * Penitential canons
Penitential canons
* Seal of the Confessional


* Eucharistic discipline * Canon 915

Matrimonial law

* Affinity * Banns of Marriage

* Declaration of Nullity

* Matrimonial Nullity Trial Reforms of Pope Francis

* Defender of the Bond
Defender of the Bond

* Impediments to Marriage

* Impediment of crime * Disparity of Cult * Ligamen

* Matrimonial Dispensation

* Ratum sed non consummatum

* Natural marriage
Natural marriage
* Pauline privilege * Petrine privilege

Trials and tribunals

* Tribunals

* Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura
Apostolic Signatura
* Tribunal of the Roman Rota
Roman Rota
* Apostolic Penitentiary
Apostolic Penitentiary

Tribunal Officers

* Judicial Vicar /Officialis * Auditor * Advocatus Diaboli * Defender of the Bond
Defender of the Bond

Tribunal Procedure

* Appeal as from an abuse * Presumption

Canonical structures Particular churches

* Particular churches sui juris

* Latin Church
Latin Church
* Eastern Catholic Churches
Eastern Catholic Churches

* Local particular churches

* Abbacy nullius

* Abbot nullius

* Apostolic vicariate
Apostolic vicariate

* Apostolic vicar
Apostolic vicar

* Apostolic administration

* Apostolic administrator
Apostolic administrator

* Archdiocese

* Diocese

* Aeque principaliter * Cathedraticum * In persona episcopi * Chancery

* Archeparchy
* Eparchy

* Deanery

* Vicar forane
Vicar forane

* Military ordinariate
Military ordinariate
* Mission sui juris

* Personal ordinariate

* Anglicanorum Coetibus

* Personal Prelature

Juridic persons

* Parish

* Roman Curia
Roman Curia

* Dicastery * Congregation * Pontifical council


* Canonical coronation
Canonical coronation

* Canonically crowned images

* Computation of time * Custom * Delegata potestas non potest delegari * Derogation

* Dispensation

* Taxa Innocentiana
Taxa Innocentiana

* Indult * Impediment

* Interpretation

* Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts
Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts

* Jurisdiction * Peritus * Obreption padding:0"> Philosophy, theology, and fundamental theory

* Theology

* Ecclesiology

* Treatise on Law

* Determinatio

Law of persons

* Person (canon law) * Canonical age
Canonical age
* Canonical faculties
Canonical faculties
* Clerics and public office * Clerical celebacy * Consecrated life * Defect of Birth
Defect of Birth
* Emancipation * Juridic padding:0"> Canonical documents

* Notary (canon law)

* Protonotary apostolic
Protonotary apostolic

* Apostolic constitution
Apostolic constitution
* Canon * Concordat
* Decree * Decretal
* Encyclical
* Motu proprio
Motu proprio
* Ordinance * Papal brief
Papal brief
* Papal bull
Papal bull
* Penitential * Positive law * Rescript

Penal law

* Canon 1324 * Canon 1398 * Excommunication * Interdict
* Internal forum * Laicization (penal) * Latae sententiae
Latae sententiae

Catholicism portal

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for "Register of the Apostolic See
Apostolic See
"), often cited as AAS, is the official gazette of the Holy See
Holy See
, appearing about twelve times a year. It was established by Pope Pius X on 29 September 1908 with the decree Promulgandi Pontificias Constitutiones, and publication began in January 1909. It contains all the principal decrees, encyclical letters, decisions of Roman congregations , and notices of ecclesiastical appointments. The laws contained in it are to be considered promulgated when published, and effective three months from date of issue, unless a shorter or longer time is specified in the law. Cover page and leaf of Vol. 1, No. 1 of the Acta Apostolicae Sedis
Acta Apostolicae Sedis

It replaced a similar publication that had existed since 1865, under the title of Acta Sanctae Sedis . Though not designated as the official means of promulgating laws of the Holy See, this was on 23 May 1904 declared an organ of the Holy See
Holy See
to the extent that all documents printed in it were considered "authentic and official". As indicated above, the Acta Sanctae Sedis ceased publication four years later.

Acta Apostolicae Sedis
Acta Apostolicae Sedis
is published in Latin

Since 1929, Acta Apostolicae Sedis
Acta Apostolicae Sedis
carries a supplement in Italian , called Supplemento per le leggi e disposizioni dello Stato della Città del Vaticano, containing laws and regulations of Vatican City
Vatican City
, the city-state founded in that year. In accordance with paragraph 2 of the Legge sulle fonti del diritto of 7 June 1929, the laws of the state are promulgated by being included in this supplement.


* Index of Vatican City-related articles
Index of Vatican City-related articles


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