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Acalyphinae Adrianinae Claoxylinae Cleidiinae Dysopsidinae Lasiococcinae Lobaniliinae Macaranginae Mareyinae Mercurialinae Ricininae Rottlerinae

The Acalypheae is a tribe of the subfamily Acalyphoideae, under the family Euphorbiaceae. It comprises 12 subtribes and 32 genera.


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Subtribe Acalyphinae

Acalypha L.

Subtribe Adrianinae

Adriana Gaudich.

Subtribe Claoxylinae

Claoxylon A.Juss. Claoxylopsis Discoclaoxylon Erythrococca Micrococca

Subtribe Cleidiinae

Cleidion Blume Sampantaea Wetria

Subtribe Dysopsidinae

Dysopsis Baill.

Subtribe Lasiococcinae

Clonostylis Homonoia Lasiococca Spathiostemon

Subtribe Lobaniliinae


Subtribe Macaranginae

Macaranga Thouars

Subtribe Mareyinae

Mareya Baill. Mareyopsis

Subtribe Mercurialinae

Mercurialis L. Leidesia Seidelia

Subtribe Ricininae

Ricinus L.

Subtribe Rottlerinae

Avellanita Coccoceras Cordemoya Deuteromallotus Mallotus Neotrewia Octospermum Rockinghamia Trewia

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Wd: Q4671706 GRIN: 1979 NCBI: 235880 VASCAN: 391

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