Abdi Warsame Isaq (d. September 10, 2011 in London, England, London, England), or more famously known as Colonel Abdi Warsame Isaq, ( so, Cabdi Warsame Isaaq, ar, عبدي ورسمة اساق ) was the chairman of the Southern Somali National Movement (SSNM), a military faction during the Somalia war. It consisted mainly of Gaadsan, Biimaal, Surre (clan), Surre and other southern Mahad Dir clans.


Abdi Warsame Isaq hailed from the Bimaal, Biimaal clan of the Dir (clan), Dir clan family, more importantly from the Gaadsen branch of Bimaal, Biimaal. Formally allied with Aideed, the chairman of the SSNM, Colonel Abdi Warsame in 1993 broke with General Aideed and took part of the SSNM with him when he aligned himself with Ali Mahdi.


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