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ABD AR-RAHMAN II (Arabic : عبد الرحمن الثاني‎) (792–852) was the fourth Umayyad
Emir of Córdoba in the Al-Andalus (Moorish Iberia ) from 822 until his death.


Abd ar-Rahman II
Abd ar-Rahman II
was born in Toledo , the son of Emir
Al-Hakam I . In his youth he took part in the so-called "massacre of the ditch", when from 700 to 5,000 people come to pay homage to the princes who were killed by order of Al-Hakam.

He succeeded his father as Emir of Córdoba in 822 and engaged in nearly continuous warfare against Alfonso II of Asturias , whose southward advance he halted (822–842). In 837, he suppressed a revolt of Christians
and Jews in Toledo . He issued a decree by which the Christians
were forbidden to seek martyrdom, and he had a Christian synod held to forbid martyrdom.

In 844, Abd ar-Rahman repulsed an assault by Vikings
who had disembarked in Cádiz , conquered Seville
(with the exception of its citadel) and attacked Córdoba itself. Thereafter he constructed a fleet and naval arsenal at Seville
to repel future raids.

He responded to William of Septimania 's requests of assistance in his struggle against Charles the Bald
Charles the Bald
's nominations.

Abd ar-Rahman was famous for his public building program in Córdoba where he died in 852. He made additions to the Mosque–Cathedral of Córdoba . A vigorous and effective frontier warrior, he was also well known as a patron of the arts. He was also involved in the execution of the " Martyrs of Córdoba ".


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Abd ar-Rahman II
Abd ar-Rahman II
BANU UMAYYAH Cadet branch of the BANU QURAISH DIED: 852

Preceded by al-Hakam I EMIR OF CóRDOBA 822–852 Succeeded by Muhammad I

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