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A Força do Querer (English title: Edge of Desire) is a Brazilian telenovela produced and aired by Rede Globo. It is created by Glória Perez, and directed by Rogério Gomes and Pedro Vasconcelos.[2] It premiered on 3 April 2017, replacing A Lei do Amor, ran for 29 weeks with a total of 172 episodes, ended on 20 October 2017, with O Outro Lado do Paraíso following it thereafter.[3] The telenovela features an ensemble cast headed by Juliana Paes, Lilia Cabral, Maria Fernanda Cândido, Isis Valverde, Paolla Oliveira, Carol Duarte, Humberto Martins, Dan Stulbach, Rodrigo Lombardi, Marco Pigossi, Fiuk, Edson Celulari, Emilio Dantas, Juliana Paiva, Zezé Polessa and Débora Falabella. Embodied with contemporary themes that affect the modern Brazilian culture, such as drug trafficking, gambling and transexuality, the telenovela came in a relief, received great reception from viewers and critics alike—achieving an average viewership of 36 points in the much coveted 9 p.m. time slot—that in the recent past suffered a great decline in its following.


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Indaruba served as a filiming site for the fictitious town of "Parazinho"

In April 2016, Glória Perez announced her next telenovela, due to premiere in the first half of 2017. She also stated that it will be different from the ones she has produced in the 20-year gap, that mainly featured on different settings and storylines that were culture oriented. A Força do Querer mainly features romance and is primarily shot in Brazil.[4][5] Originally titled À Flor da Pele during the early stages of production.[6] As of November 2016, it was later changed to Flor do Querer but changed yet again to its current title in December 2016.[7][8] Casting[edit] Paolla Oliveira was the first cast member to be cast, she was announced to star in the telenovela in March 2016.[9][5] Fábio Assunção was originally cast to portray Eugênio but later backed out before production started to star in an upcoming television series.[10] Dan Stulbach was then cast.[11] Leopoldo Pacheco was originally cast as Junqueira but he and Chay Suede preferred Novo Mundo. Suede was the first option to portray Ruy. Daniel Rocha also auditioned for the role of Ruy but Fiuk was preferred over him.[12] Vera Fischer was also part of the cast but due to personal differences with the showrunner, she was replaced by Betty Faria.[13] The role of Juliana Paes Bibi, is inspired by real life Fabiana Escobar, infamously known as "queen of pot". The showrunner Glória Perez initially wanted to center the plot sorely on her character in a separate miniseries altogether but decided to include it in the plot.[14][15][16] Since her role is inspired by a siren, Isis Valverde was prepared for three months in readiness for her role by Mirella Ferraz a professional in that part.[17][18] Plot[edit] Promising lawyer, Caio (Rodrigo Lombardi) is considered for administering Garcia, one of the largest companies in the country, however, when Bibi (Juliana Paes) decides to end their relationship, he leaves everything behind and relocates to United States. 15 years later, returns to Brazil with more experience in the judiciary and meets once again with Bibi, who failed to complete College and is married to Rubinho (Emilio Dantas). Rubinho goes through a delicate financial condition, as he and Bibi struggle to make ends meet which will force him to enter the world of crime. As the only qualified heir, Eugênio (Dan Stulbach) prepares his son, Ruy (Filipe Galvão, also known as Fiuk) to take over the administration of the company. Ruy is engaged to Cibele (Bruna Linzmeyer), with whom they share different qualities from their personal lives to their professional lives, however, when he travels to Parazinho, he is enchanted by Ritinha (Isis Valverde), a young woman who loves the fascination exerted by men, such as playing a mermaid, which she actually believes to be. Engaged to Zeca (Marco Pigossi), a truck driver who has rude but quiet friendly behavior. Rita continues her game of seduction with the carioca, because she intends to follow her impulses. Despite criticism that he hears about the Ritinha, Zeca loves her above anything. On the day of the wedding he finds out about Ritinha’s fling with Ruy, he angrily leaves Parazinho after Ritinha runs away with Ruy, supposedly because she feared of Zeca’s violent temper. In the new town, he meets Jeiza (Paolla Oliveira), a police officer who dreams of becoming an MMA fighter. In parallel occurs the transformation of Ivana (Caroline Duarte), Ruy's sister, who feels like a man trapped in a female body, causing conflict with Joyce (Maria Fernanda Cândido), who raised her daughter to be a princess. Joyce's relationship with her husband begins to crumble when he meets Irene (Débora Falabella), an ambitious woman who will do anything to convince Eugênio to stay with her. On the other hand, Eurico, Eugênio’s older brother, (Humberto Martins) likes to have everything and everyone under his control, but can't control his wife, Silvana (Lília Cabral), on her gambling addiction. Cast[edit]

Actor Character

Isis Valverde Rita Rosa Ferreira Garcia (Ritinha)[19][20]

Juliana Paes Fabiana Duarte Feitosa (Bibi / Bibi Perigosa / Baronesa do Pó) / Soraya Guedes[21][22]

Paolla Oliveira Jeiza Nascimento Rocha[23][24]

Marco Pigossi José Ribamar do Carmo (Zeca)[25]

Emilio Dantas Rubens Feitosa (Rubinho / Barão do Pó) / Naldo Guedes[26]

Rodrigo Lombardi Caio Borges Garcia[27][28]

Carol Duarte Ivana Garcia / Ivan Garcia[29][30]

Fiuk Ruy Beraldo Garcia[31][32]

Maria Fernanda Cândido Joyce Garcia[33]

Dan Stulbach Eugênio Garcia[34]

Lília Cabral Silvana Garcia[35]

Humberto Martins Eurico Garcia[36]

Débora Falabella Irene Steiner / Solange Lima[37][38]

Bruna Linzmeyer Cibele Sabóia Dantas[39][32]

Edson Celulari Raul Dantas Sabóia (Dantas)[40]

Elizângela Aurora Duarte[36]

Zezé Polessa Edinalva Ferreira[36]

Tonico Pereira Abel Simplício do Carmo (Seu Abel)[36]

Juliana Paiva Simone Garcia[41]

Silvero Pereira Raimundo Nonato da Silva (Nonato) / Elis Miranda[42][43]

Gisele Fróes Cândida Nascimento Rocha[44]

Luci Pereira Maria de Nazaré Pereira (Nazaré)

Cláudia Mello Zuleide (Zu)[36]

Karla Karenina Benedita (Dita) [36]

Jonathan Azevedo Wellington Silvino (Sabiá)[45]

Carla Diaz Carine de Sá[46][47]

João Bravo André Duarte Feitosa (Dedé) / Yuri Guedes[36]

Betty Faria Elvira Gomez Garcia[36]

Othon Bastos Otávio Garcia[36]

Totia Meirelles Maria Helena Borges Garcia (Heleninha)[36]

João Camargo Junqueira Garcia[36]

Adriano Alves Yuri Junqueira Garcia[36]

Mariana Xavier Abigail Lima Santos (Biga)[48][49]

Dandara Mariana Marilda[50]

Maria Clara Spinelli Miraceli Almeida (Mira)[51]

Gabriel Stauffer Claudio[52]

Michelle Martins Shirley[53]

Pedro Nercessian Amaro[54]

Lua Blanco Anita[54]

Hylka Maria Alessia Silvino[45]

Betty Gofman Jacira de Sá (Jaci)[55]

Raul Gazolla Allan Delano[56]

Clarice Derzié Luz Drª. Selma Tavares

Dig Dutra Rochelle

Marcos Junqueira Kikito

Daniel Zettel Batoré

Caroline Verban Duda

Antônio Carlos Guto [57]

Lucy Ramos Leila Andrade e Silva[36]

Gustavo Machado Cirilo[36]

Bruno Barbosa Tatu [36]

Thaty Taranto Stella

Lorenzo Sousa Ruy Beraldo Garcia Junior (Ruyzinho)


Actor Character

Fafá de Belém Almerinda Pereira / Mere Star[58]

Tarso Brant Ele mesmo[59]

Well Aguiar Gerson Amadeu

Érica Paes Ela mesma[60]

Rodrigo Rangel Agiota

Danilo Sacramento João Vicente[61]

Marcello Airoldi Leandro[62]

Lucci Ferreira Werneck

João Sabiá Boto (forma humana)

Guilherme Weber Douglas

Jandir Ferrari Amílcar[63][64]

Louise Marrie Carla [65]

Rosa Malagueta Neide[66]

Alejandro Claveaux Vitor[36]

Guilherme Duarte Denilson Pereira Horta (DH)[67]

Xande Valois Zeca (criança)[36]

João Gabriel Bolshaw Ruy (criança)[36]

Antonietta Uhebe Ivana (criança)

Laíze Câmara Francineide[68]

Eline Porto Janete [69]

Raquel Rocha Vitória

Carolina Coutinho Celinha

Isabela Catão Gislene

William Vita Comandante Cristino

Nivaldo Motta Lourival[66]

Benki Piyãko Ashaninka[70]

Luciana Borghi Dona do Salão

Esther Jablonski Drª Eva

Cristiane Alves Drª Olivia

Cristiana Amadeo Drª Tereza

Karina Mello Cláudia Barroso

Mario Hermeto Delegado

Natasha Stransky Ana

Rose Lima Luciene

Diogo Nogueira Ele mesmo[71]

Xande de Pilares Ele mesmo[72]

Wesley Safadão Ele mesmo[73]

Nego do Borel Ele mesmo[74]

Marília Mendonça Ela mesma[75]

Jane di Castro Ela mesma[76]

Rodrigo Minotauro Ele mesmo[77]

Rogério Minotouro Ele mesmo[77]

Mosquito Ele mesmo

Joelma (pt) Ela mesma[78]

Pabllo Vittar Ela mesma[79]

Cris Cyborg Ela mesma[80]

Carina Damm Ela mesma

Lia Sophia Ela mesma

Alcione Ela mesma (last episode)

Poliana Botelho Ela mesma (last episode)

Fabiana Escobar Ela mesma (last episode)

Soundtrack[edit] A Força do Querer: Vol. 1[edit]

A Força do Querer: Vol. 1

Soundtrack album by Various artists

Released 2 June 2017


Pop samba-rock MPB

Label Som Livre

A Força do Querer: Vol. 1 is the first installment of the series of soundtracks of the telenovela. The album consist of an original score by Roberto Carlos,[81] "Sereia" (released on 5 April) was composed specifically for the show.[82]

No. Title Artist(s) Length

1. "O Quereres" Caetano Veloso 3:05

2. "Sereia" Roberto Carlos 3:35

3. "Te Faço um Cafuné" Mariana Aydar 3:44

4. "Coração Machucado Carlos" Wesley Safadão 3:40

5. "Eu Sei de Cor" Marília Mendonça 2:54

6. "Boto Namorador" Dona Onete 4:05

7. "Pra Você" Roberta Sá 3:11

8. "Flor do Ipê" Marisa Monte 2:43

9. "City" Kristen Marie 3:10

10. "True Colors" Cyndi Lauper 3:45

11. "Nobody But Me" Michael Bublé 3:00

12. "Sob Medida" Fafá de Belém 3:42

13. "Deixa Eu Te Amar" Agepê 4:03

14. "Para Uso Exclusivo da Casa" Dhi Ribeiro 3:54

15. "Tem Que Provar Que Merece" Xande de Pilares 3:45

16. "Tim Tim Por Tim Tim" Diogo Nogueira 2:46

17. "I Hate U, I Love U" Gnash 3:18

18. "Darkness and Light" John Legend 3:49

Total length: 58:49

A Força do Querer: Vol. 2[edit]

A Força do Querer: Vol. 2

Soundtrack album by Various artists

Released 4 August 2017

Label Som Livre

No. Title Artist(s) Length

1. "Despacito" Luis Fonsi feat. Daddy Yankee 3:47

2. "Caçadora" Lucy Alves 3:06

3. "Up&Up" Coldplay 3:58

4. "Fading Away" Adam Naas 4:07

5. "Sign of the Times" Harry Styles 5:40

6. "Não Quero Despedida" Mumuzinho 4:00

7. "Perigosa" Anitta 2:54

8. "Cheguei" Ludmilla 3:11

9. "Rei Solano" Mestre Solano 3:29

10. "Simples Assim" Lenine 4:58

11. "Eu Te Amo" Chico Buarque and Telma Costa  

12. "Dom de Iludir" Nana Caymmi  

13. "Mande um Sinal" Djavan  

14. "Olha" Alcione 3:28

15. "De Toda Cor" Renato Luciano feat. Ney Matogrosso, Oswaldo Montenegro, Laila Garin and Elisa Lucinda 4:55

16. "Waves" Dean Lewis 4:01

17. "Blame" Calvin Harris feat. John Newman 3:34

Reception[edit] Ratings[edit] The telenovela has had an average daily reach of 45 million viewers since its premiere (number of people who watch at least one minute of the telenovela every day). The plot also swept across social networks and ranked first on the renowned Social Wit List in April 2017, a ranking that highlights the most commented releases in Latin America.[83]

Timeslot (AT) # Eps. Premiere Finale Rank TV season Average viewership

Date Viewers (in points) Date Viewers (in points)

Monday—Saturday 9:10 pm


3 April 2017


20 October 2017

50[85] #1[86] 2017 36[87]

On its premiere, A Força do Querer registered a viewership rating of 32.9 points, a premiere with highest viewership since 2016 on the debut episode of Velho Chico.[84] On its first week of broadcast, it recorded an average of 32 points; surpassing all its predecessors—Em Família, Império, Babilônia, A Regra do Jogo, Velho Chico and A Lei do Amor; being the second largest in terms of viewership since Amor à Vida.[88] The penultimate episode, that aired on 19 October, recorded 48.8 points of average and peaking at 51 points with a 65% share, hitting the record, according to consolidated data of Ibope in Greater São Paulo. With this indices, A Força do Querer had the highest audience since the last episode of Avenida Brasil, which recorded 52 points on 19 October 2012.[89] On the finale, A Força do Querer had the largest audience since the end of Avenida Brasil in 2012. Having aired from 9:15 pm to 11:32 pm, the final episode made the show break a record, with 50.1 points and, peaked at 53 points; the best ratings since the finale of "Avenida Brasil", which had 51.7 points on 19 October 2012. In Rio de Janeiro, the last episode recorded 49 points in average (highest final indices since Império, which had 50 points).[85] Cumulatively, the show recorded an average rating of 35.67[85][87] Controversies[edit] The state of Pará[edit] Since its debut, the novel has been obtaining a bunch of criticism, spanning from the cast not using the Northeastern accents in the state of Pará and how the state is approached in the telenovela; such as the existence of an aquarium located in Ver-o-Peso, generated varying of opinions among the viewers, especially the viewers from Pará. In their defence, Rede Globo and show's creator Glória Perez said that the show was not set in the capital of Pará but in the fictional city of "Parazinho" and justified that the work is a fiction has no commitment to be true as reality.[90] Accusations on glamorization of drug trafficking[edit] The fact that the plot touches on themes such as drug trafficking aroused the idea that the telenovela was unapologetic to these theme, causing the show to receive a flurry of criticism, mainly by evangelists and conservatives.[91] Pastor and Deputy Marco Feliciano said that, "Rede Globo offered a course for banditry".[92] The author Glória Perez responded to the accusations:

It is something of people to want to put reality under the rug. Bibi became a thug. She is not the trafficker, but she is prosecuted by association with trafficking. Do you see glamour in that? The plot brings an ethical police, quite different from how it is traditionally shown in Brazilian dramas. These people (critics) make me sleepy.[93]

Transexuality[edit] Before the debut of the telenovela, the subject of transexuality was already causing controversy. Catholic organizations asked that Globo not allow this theme in the show.[94] The theme about gender identity, addressed in the plot by the character Ivana (Carol Duarte) was also not accepted by a portion of the audience, among them also evangelists and conservatives. They accused the network of using the telenovela to popularize gender ideology[95] According to them, the telenovela had a clear intention to show that it is super normal to feel of one gender even if one is of the another. References[edit]

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